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Published:April 30th, 2011 17:55 EST
On May 16th Will Proudly Present:  Crank - The World Cycling Blog Honors and Directory

On May 16th Will Proudly Present: Crank - The World Cycling Blog Honors and Directory

By Tom Ski

Two weeks ago we introduced readers to an absolutely outstanding pair of sites called, and is a place that is completely and utterly dedicated to the world of cycling.  From blogs that take a look at the calm, tranquil facets of cycling; to advice and information on health, nutrition, and exercise; to stories that focus on the action-packed thrills of cycling, offers a full range of information and blogs that cyclists worldwide turn to, in order to meet and converse with millions of others who share their cycling passion. is, at its core, about the promotion, enjoyment, and love of all there is about the cycling world. On this site, the sharing of views and the "cycling` lifestyle are key.  However, is also a huge part of the cycling advocacy community, so the team at has gone out of their way to promote all of the great bloggers who share their zeal and zest for cycling.

With that being said, is about to unveil The 2011 Crank Honors.  There is a page on the website that offers a directory which lists a huge number of cycling sites and blogs all across the world.  From Canada to Indonesia, China to Australia, the Crank Directory was first begun in 2010., at that time, was amazed at the gargantuan support and interest - not mention the massive amounts of "traffic` that the Crank Directory brought to their site.  This all-encompassing cycling directory offers readers a chance to peruse the global blogs, as well as add to the directory any blog that may be missing. 

With the unbelievable response for the Crank Honors in 2010, has put even more effort into the release of 2011`s Crank Honors.  Beginning on May 16th, the Crank Honor voting will "go live` and be open for anyone and everyone to come over and place their votes.  At, from May 16th to June 1st, readers, bloggers, and fans will be able to begin voting (once per day/per category) for the best of the best when it comes to cycling blogs.  The Crank Honors offer various categories of cycling where readers can cast their ballot, including:  Commuter, Lifestyle, Mountain, Road, Travel, and Women`s. 

Now cycling, as well as cycling blogs, require a team effort.  While we briefly introduced you to the team, in the past, a reminder of these amazing minds` and passionate cyclists is most definitely required.

Darryl, the founder of is a true cycling enthusiast who tries with all his might, in this busy, fast-paced world, to make biking his only form of transportation.  Much like speaking with Albert Einstein about science, Darryl is a blogger who knows the world of cycling in and out, and his blogs focus on everything from the design, mechanics, and new cycling products on the market; to the in-depth feelings and emotions that cycling awards to Darryl and his family.

And, speaking of family, Darryl`s daughter, Kassi, is also part of the tremendous team who put the Crank Directory together.  This is the young lady who not only is a cycling enthusiast, but she also is a fantastic writer, who has allowed the masses to read about her journeys through life - on and off the bicycle.  

Having a registered dietician on the team is also a huge deal when it comes to the amazing group of people at  Kelli is the nutrition guru who blogs and provides information to readers about nutrition in any and every aspect of life.

Myron, the creativity behind the designs of is also a contributor to the blogs, and joins Chris - the brilliant photographer who provides pictures to all readers from various journeys across the globe.

Add in Steve, who is the official correspondent for located in the United Kingdom, and readers automatically are provided with global information about the cycling world in all its glory.

There is absolutely no way that a true cycling enthusiast could "overlook` and, quite frankly, no other reader should either.  If you`re not already a fan, I suggest "riding` over to and heading to the Crank Directory on May 16th.  Not only will the best blogs in the world be available to you, but you will also learn that should definitely be in one of the "top slots` as far as the best-of-the-best is concerned. 

This is a team that knows their business, and the sponsoring of their site is truly wonderful.  From LIVESTRONG, The Lance Armstrong Foundation to The Pablove Foundation, which is an amazing organization whose mission is to fight childhood cancer with love, promotes and supports these unbelievable organizations, and try their absolute best to fight the fights that need fighting. 

Before May 16th arrives, readers should also remember that hosts a live chat on Twitter every Thursday night at 9 P.M. (EST), located at #bikeschool ".  If you haven`t become a fan of, just one of these live chats will make you one immediately.  The chats not only offer interviews, stories, and information about the cycling world, but they are a great deal of fun.   

AND companies should be well aware that offers sponsorship opportunities that are truly limitless - and supplies companies with creative, electronic  exposure across the world.  With the 2011 Crank Honors soon to arrive people, THIS is the absolute best time for your company to "get in on` the huge branding opportunities you can receive from  The massive "traffic` that`s about to hit this incredible site can be unbelievably beneficial to you, your organization, your products, and your services.  In this difficult economy the electronic world has become the biggest and busiest marketing tool for any business.  So don`t miss out! 

Whether a reader, fan, or company looking to promote their product in an absolutely outstanding environment - the 2011 Crank Honors are on their way!



For more information go to:!/lovingthebike