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Published:May 2nd, 2011 15:13 EST
The Prolific Writer with the Powerhouse Voice Speaks!  An Interview with the Incomparable Sheila Swift!

The Prolific Writer with the Powerhouse Voice Speaks! An Interview with the Incomparable Sheila Swift!

By Tom Ski

For the past few weeks we have gotten to know Sheila Swift, and readers are already buzzing about this fantastic woman`s talent, drive, and desire in the music world.  This is a performer who began in the world of Christian Country, parlayed into `pop,` and then found her passion in the category of rock-and-roll.  Not only is her voice `top-of-the-line,` but Sheila Swift`s lyrics are her `ace in the hole.`  All one needs to do is listen to her first album from 2007 called, The Shape of Things.  It`s not an overstatement when I tell you that every song is filled with the optimism and love that is missing in so many places on this Earth.

With her amazing gift and raw appeal that offer rock-and-rollers the ultimate "new` name to focus on in their genre, Sheila Swift also has the innate ability to bring beauty into every line she writes and performs.  I was lucky enough to be able to `talk` with Sheila Swift and get the answers to the questions that fans and soon-to-be-fans want to know.  In a much more personal style, Sheila Swift delves into her history, her dreams, and the next steps in what will become a legendary career. 

Your love of music began at a very early age.  Were you in church choirs?  Or school activities? 

I`ve been singing since I came out of my momma`s womb!  I did all of it: church choir,

school plays, community theater/musicals, and I loved every minute of it.  It was clear by the age of five that music was my passion and my path.

Tell us a little about your parents.  Were they a big influence where music was concerned?

My family is your classic middle-class household:  A Dad that goes to work (Texas Oil man) and a Mom who stays at home raising the kids and tending to the household.  (A tough job, I might add. J)

Both my parents are very musical.  My father was in a very popular local band that performed in Houston in the 1970`s called Dillanger.  They played all the proms and won the "Battle of the Bands` in 1976.  I`m so proud of my daddy! J He`s truly my greatest musical influence.  As kids he`d come home from work, grab the guitar, and make up songs with me and my little sister, Christi.  And, my mother she knows EVERY LYRIC to EVERY song from the 1970`s. (Excluding disco.  We are Rockers!)

Creatively, music is not your only passion.  Painting, photography - there are many creative facets that you are in touch with.  Is painting, or photography a career path that you`d also look into someday?

For me, it`s all synonymous:  Art is art, and it is part of my soul; it is what moves me. To answer you, yes, I already incorporate these things in my career.  I do graphic design to supplement buying new guitars, and such, as well as photography.  Painting is another love, but not really a commercial one.  If someone is interested in one of my pieces I might sell it, but I don`t generally advertise that side of me. J Not to say I wouldn`t in the future - just depends on the season.

I know you are the mother of twins - which must be difficult all by itself - J.  With all of that - motherhood & music career - how do you find time to do all of it?

You don`t find time you MAKE time!  Like anything else in life you have to create balance, and when it works it`s a beautiful thing!  I`ve been so fortunate to have such a great support network, and they truly keep me going!

I know you moved from CCM to `pop` to rock-and-roll.  Any specific reason for the change?

It was organic:  The songs I write and the influence I want to have brought me to where I am now, and I know I`m right where I`m supposed to be!  I`m a rocker at heart, and now I have the confidence to `knock it out` the way I always heard the songs in my head.  Having a great band helps, too!

I love that you have done a fantastic arc where music genres are concerned.  Why rock-and-roll?  It must have been a bit of a shock to perform at places like the Whiskey in L.A..  Can you speak about your first experiences in the rock-and-roll area?

I feel like it`s completely natural - not even a shock really, not for me, anyway.  The Whisky was great!  But it just felt right, felt like I`d been on that stage a million times before and I am looking forward to when we get the opportunity to go back.

You do remind one of Robert Plant with his inspiration and his performance techniques.  Is there one or more performers that you relate to, and why?

Definitely!  Robert Plant is one; Tom Petty is another.  And then, of course, there`s my GIRL, Gwen Stefani - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!  It`s this mix of the performance aspect, style, songwriting, and energy that I love about all these artists, and I relate to them through these things - even modeling aspects of my stage show and writing after them.

Are you working on an album at present?  And, any appearances coming up?

Yes! And, Yes!  Check out  or my Facebook fan page: SHEILA SWIFT, for all this info!

The album is only in the writing stages right now, but I am SOOOOO excited about the new material!  Can`t wait to lock it down.  I`m excited about what this year and the next are going to bring for us!

I always ask this of performers because I, and the fans, are curious.  What do you think of platforms such as, American Idol, for `launching` a career?

I think its fine for exposure, and for people who don`t otherwise feel like they have other resources.  Hey! Go for it!  It`s your life.  I just get concerned that America (American youth, specifically) are overly infatuated with the idea of being a `pop` star or getting famous, and they don`t understand what that truly initials.

It is NOT all glamour and overnight success.  Find your passion and pursue it, but be ready to do the work.  The American Dream is just what it says - a dream.  And I don`t mean to say that it is an unattainable dream - I just mean that if you are going to dream big (and you SHOULD), be ready to follow it up with hard work and GRACE.  Being nice and not being a diva goes a LONG way in this business.  The more important " you try to make yourself, the less important you become.  Be humble, but be confident - two very different and complimentary things!


Now we have the short questions that fans love to hear the answers to.  These questions are more `fun` than anything else. J

Other than your own profession, what profession would you like to try?

I think it`d be fun to be a T.V. host or a chef. J

What profession would you never like to try?

A waitress!  MAD respect for people that are.  I usually tip 30 or more  %!  But I wouldn`t wanna` do it just `cause I don`t want to have to touch peoples yucky leftover plates!`

What is your favorite word?  AWESOME!

What is your least favorite word?  CAN`T

And, last but not least:

When you arrive at the Pearly Gates, what would you like God to say? 

Welcome, well done my good and faithful servant.

Oh, and you didn`t ask, but my favorite color is blue-green!  J XO

From her enchanting voice to her intoxicating words to her charming and sincere answers, Sheila Swift proves everyday that she is pure and utter GRACE defined. 

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