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Published:May 3rd, 2011 21:28 EST
The Poet Speaks!  D.H. DaHitWryter on Life, Dreams, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

The Poet Speaks! D.H. DaHitWryter on Life, Dreams, and the Pursuit of Happiness!

By Tom Ski

Yes, it`s finally here.  The incomparable, indefinable, and one-of-a-kind performer (which is a non-entity in the music world, believe me), Dionne Halsey (a.k.a. D.H. DaHitWryter), answers questions that fans and soon-to-be fans want to know.  The versatility of this lyricist/musician knows no bounds, and over the past few weeks the internet has begun to `buzz` about this extraordinary artist.  I have to admit, D.H. DaHitWryter fires on all cylinders.  As an author, I am absolutely in awe of anyone who can sit down, put pen to paper, and create words that not only become perfect songs, but strike right to the heart of all matters.  Whether love, dance, entertainment, enjoyment of life, politics, or, the world at large this woman`s mind is a true playground for creation and imagination.

I was lucky enough to be able to `sit down` with D.H. DaHitWryter and get a personal interview for all you readers out there that really delves into the heart of a true poet.  Her stage performances are not only among the best-of-the-best in the music world, but D.H. DaHitWryter also has the ability to win a Nobel Prize in Literature one day.  Yes this is how well she pieces together words to live by. 

I would love to have a drum roll at this point, but electronics go just so far.  So, without further ado, here are the words, dreams, and background of the amazing talent that is D.H. DaHitWryter.

Your love of music began at a very early age.  Was the church choir the first time that the love of music `struck`?

Church choir was FORCED, so I didn`t truly appreciate music then, though the first song I wrote was a gospel song.  Michael Jackson influenced me - watching him and thinking he was still that little kid in the `Jackson 5` sparked something in me because I realized that you can do anything at a young age!  Seeing the moonwalk and the way fans responded to that man is what made me play around with music.

I know at the beginning you were looking at a career in sports.  Basketball was your path?  What happened that made you set sports behind and head toward the music?

Basketball was always my first love.  It can even be the reason why my music career isn`t further along, because I didn`t take it that serious due to the hype around me playing basketball.  Injuries played a huge roll in me deciding to walk away from the dream of being a WNBA player.

Your lyrics are pure poetry.  Can I assume that you were a writer for a long time?  Keeping journals or writing songs at an early age?

First, thank you!  I started off writing poetry so that is the reason my flow has a poetic side to it.  And I did start off writing creative stories at a young age. I LOVED WRITING STORIES!

Did you have anyone you looked up to in the writing world?  Or someone who `spoke the truth` that led you to become the spokesperson that you are for younger children/adolescents?

Tupac Shakur and Lauryn Hill, since I already mentioned MJ.  Tupac was criticized for his thug life but, despite his troubles with the law, his voice had a great influence on society.  And Lauryn Hill was one of the greatest female artists ever and she did it without her body parts being a focus!  She was a lyrical genius and she did it with CLASS!

What the `Industry` produces - a great deal of the time - is simply a `sex-sells` performer with not a great deal of talent.  So, A) I admire the music you create.  But B) what moved you to take on the tough subjects and teach people the REAL issues they should be looking at in the world?

The truth moves me.  Waking up and reading about this lost world moves me.  With a voice so strong and the ability to write in a very talented way, I can`t turn my back on the FACT that I have so much influence on those who hear my music, whether I feel obligated to be a role model or not.

Your first job in the music industry was doing what?

I was an intern I wrote hooks for local artists, did online radio shows, wrote articles, and got into promotion and marketing.  Oh, and I did a little rapping. LOL.

Going out on your own, I was wondering what it felt like to hear that first recording of your song? 

I was amazed!  But I still didn`t realize what I was capable of because I didn`t want the spotlight.

Becoming D.H. DaHitWryter and singing your own creations must have been a very "cool` moment when you began.  Can you tell fans a little about what your future hopes are for your music?

Of course, I hope to expand my fan base and I`m all about growth so I hope to become a better lyricist and writer as time grows.  I also want my creativity to `morph` into something that no one has ever witnessed!

How do you feel personally about the female-driven Hip Hop/Rap world?  Do you see this as a genre that needs to be updated or changed?

I feel that females aren`t getting the respect they deserve, but I also feel as though female rappers are partly to blame for that, due to overly selling sex and beefing with each other. It`s cool to be competitive in a sense, but if you want to show how GREAT you are, do a track with another female and bring it on that record; the fans will debate but we, as women, need each other!  Also, we are seeing female rappers/pop artists!  Today`s female rapper is very versatile, which is good.  I like seeing female rappers who are above average when it comes to lyrics and content.  The whole `Barbie` movement, which was done before, is cool, but there is a fan base out there that isn`t into all of that so the change that needs to be made is, MORE FEMALE RAPPERS NEED TO GET SHINE!

You are a trailblazer as an artist and a spokesperson, would you like to speak about any causes that you really want to bring to the forefront of peoples` minds?

There are many causes, but I want fellow artists and entertainers to STAND UP and take on the role model responsibility instead of passing it off to just parents.  Society has changed, parents aren`t raising kids - radio and TV are.  I know an entertainer is not obligated to do so, but with that much power and influence over the youth, you should take the initiative and set better examples for the kids!  Put messages in your music, be balanced!

Can you tell us about any albums or appearances that you`re working on, or that are coming up?

My mixtape, Back Against the World,  is coming out and it will be available for FREE download!  But if you want to support `indie` music, some tracks will be available for sale.  Next will be my first book ever called Poetic Conversations with D.H.,  and then I am working on an EP called, The Other Side of Reality  Wow, that`s a lot of things to keep me busy.  LOL


I always ask this of performers because I, and the fans, are curious.  What do you think of platforms such as, American Idol, for `launching` a career?

I think shows like that are great for the right people!  A lot of people ask me why I never audition for those shows and it`s because I have different goals.  First off, I want to remain independent and I definitely have my own vision when it comes to music, but I feel if you are talented and you want to be discovered, those shows are perfect for you, because it introduces you to a lot of exposure even if you don`t win the whole thing.


Now we have the short questions that fans love to hear the answers to.  This is an ode to my personal favorite - Mr. James Lipton. 

Other than your own profession, what profession would you like to try?

I would want to be a choreographer

What profession would you never like to try?

I would never want to be a doctor, lawyer, or psychiatrist

What is your favorite word?

My favorite word to say and hear is love!

What is your least favorite word?

I hate the word HATE. LOL


When you arrive at the Pearly Gates, what would you like God to say?

Thank you for being strong down there in your home away from home, Earth.  Thank you for being a leader and always keeping me first despite the battles you faced against Man`s Law!

Thank you for this lovely opportunity to get personal with my fans.

- D.H. DaHitWryter

Well readers not only am I, personally, excited to see D.H. DaHitWryter`s book, but the level of CLASS and SHINE this woman offers the world is truly a gift that I hope all of you out there will savor and enjoy!

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