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Published:May 4th, 2011 10:23 EST
Mob Wives Make Snooki and the Jersey Shore Look Like Royalty

Mob Wives Make Snooki and the Jersey Shore Look Like Royalty

By Donna Cavanagh

This week I tuned into a reality show called Mob Wives. Presented by VH1, this entertainment gem focuses on women of Staten Island, New York who are married to gangsters.

I was confused right from the start.  First, how come they are bragging about being married to mobsters on national TV? I thought one had to keep a low profile or not admit they are in any way connected to this lifestyle.  What happened to discretion and being worried about the embarrassment that comes from people knowing you are married to a violent criminal?

These loud women held nothing back when it came to their husbands who are either behind bars or ex-guests of the penal system who became guests only because the feds would not stop harassing them.  Yes, apparently, murder, loan sharking and drug trafficking should not be reasons for imprisonment since their husbands were only trying to provide for their families and put food on the table.

How did reality for these women become so skewed?  In the episode I watched, one of the wives was upset because her best friend, who is also married to a gangster, threw herself a birthday bash and invited another woman whose gangster father turned state`s evidence. The upset friend believed that the snitch`s daughter should be ostracized from their circle of friends because of her father`s big mouth which led to many of her family getting sent to the big house. Got it? To be honest, the upset chick did not use the word ostracize. She sort of used the F-word to get her point across. The birthday hostess disagreed as did another one of the women attending the party and a shoving match complete with a vulgar verbal exchange commenced.

Let me take this moment to interject something here:  First, I am not unfamiliar with the F-word and it does flow from my mouth on occasion, but these women took swearing to an entirely new level. VH1 had one continuous censor bleep going for about five minutes.  Second: I am originally from NYC and I do have relatives who live in Staten Island and none of them behave this way. They are normal, hard-working people who find crime repulsive. I just thought I should throw this in so people understand that while Staten Island obviously has its mob element, it`s not all about that " I don`t think.

Okay, back to the show.  So, the one doing the shoving is this buff mob wife who spends hours in the gym hitting a punching bag. Why does this NOT surprise me?  There was also a subplot in this episode. You are shocked, right?  I was. I didn`t think these women could be deep enough to have a subplot, but I was mistaken.

The subplot was deeply moving. Apparently, the mob husbands call home from prison to help their kids do their homework. I am not making this stuff up. One of the wives refuses to tell her kids that their father is in prison, and she tells him he is calling from another country where he has to work.  Okay, does she not understand the concept of being on a reality TV show? Perhaps she didn`t read the contract that stated her business would be broadcast all over the world including details about her husband`s imprisonment.

My guess is that after this episode aired, her kid found out in school the next day that his dad is not serving his country overseas but rather serving 20-to-life in a prison in another state.