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Published:May 5th, 2011 11:10 EST
Are you Ready For Some Football? Has Everything You Need  for Mob, Ballown, and Bloody Monday!

Are you Ready For Some Football? Has Everything You Need for Mob, Ballown, and Bloody Monday!

By Tom Ski

Bloody Monday?  Are we talking about a scary movie?  Nope. We`re talking about the history of America`s Favorite Game!  Some of the very first recorded football games began in Jamestown, Virginia - where the earliest settlers scrimmaged " their hearts out in the 17th century.

In fact, early games were linked to traditional Mob football, that was played over across in England.  Apparently, this was just one of the skills our ancestors brought to America`s shores in the depths of that famous Mayflower.  Oddly enough, it wasn`t until the 19th century in America`s history when the game of football returned in full force.  Where, you ask?  Where were those first famous football jerseys?  The Ivy League. 

Yes, the good old Ivy League, that can not only lay claim to many presidents and high-ranking people throughout history, but can also claim the football jersey and the righteous football uniform.  Of course, the Ivy League was missing one thing to make it really famous.  I can only imagine what they would`ve given for access to amazing merchandise, to lift them even higher in the ranks of the American people. 

Princeton began with its intramural games, calling their team sport " Ballown.  Soon, the masters of Harvard began their own little get together which they dubbed, Bloody Monday in 1827.  This mass ballgame between freshman and sophomore classes was a HUGE sport.  In fact, football uniforms would "ve adorned literally hundreds of players.  Not to be left out, Dartmouth soon joined in the fun with their own version called, Old Division Football.  (Apparently, Dartmouth didn`t have has much creativity as the other Ivy leaguers.) 

You have to sit back and wonder what their football jerseys looked like.   Were the numbers on the football jerseys big and bold?  Were there famous names sewn into the fabric?  Did a quarterback attending Yale in the 1800`s have the power to one day become Joe Namath?  No one will ever know.  But would "ve been an avid supporter with their incredible collection of football uniforms, football jerseys, football accessories - you name it, those Ivy Leaguers would`ve been supplied up to the hilt with amazing merchandise.

Oddly enough, America wouldn`t have had their favorite game if things had continued the way they were going.  This type of mob-style football, which included a mass of football players, was banned for its violence.  Worse than rugby, there were no rules to stop those ivy-covered men in their football jerseys from doing anything they could to get that football across the goal line.  Even Yale had to abandon the thrill of the game; under pressure from the city of New Haven, they had to completely dump all forms of football in 1860, while Harvard followed right along in 1861.

Enter:  The `Father of American Football,` Walter Camp.  Now, Walter Camp would definitely have called up every minute of every day, knowing that those fantastic football uniforms would make the sport of American football skyrocket into the stratosphere.  All he had to do was figure out a way to make the game safer, so that the football jersey and the football uniform would become a staple of America`s future.

Walter Camp was even born in New Haven, Connecticut - that horrific town that had the nerve to abandon football - and Mr. Camp even attended Yale, where he became the general athletic director and head advisory football coach, as well as the chairman of the Yale football committee.

Camp always had the passion and drive to play football and make it into a fantastic game for everyone in America to enjoy.  Passing away in 1925, Walter Camp went down in history as THE man to make the rules that brought football to the forefront once again, and make it into America`s Favorite Game.  Camp made those rules that we all live by - lines of scrimmage, no more mass teams, a snap from the center to the quarterback, and most all the calls that referees make today on television screens across America. 

What Walter would`ve liked even more is that famous name `CAMP` on the back of a football jersey available from  Seeing as that this was the man who revolutionized football, he would most assuredly have gone to the company who has revolutionized the football uniform - - for all of his team needs.  And not only would have been there for Mr. Camp, supplying him with all his football uniforms, but is also here for YOU!

At, YOU can get the football uniforms and football jerseys that will leave the fans cheering as you play Walter Camp`s beloved game! GUARANTEES the lowest prices on warm-ups, mascot costumes, football uniforms, football jerseys, football accessories, cheerleading uniforms, and more!  25%, 35%, and even 50% discounts are available on the world of sports uniforms, sports jerseys everything!  YOU can choose from the best colors, best fabrics, the quickest delivery, and most amazing prices anywhere!

Now for all you die-hard football researchers out there - professional football began in 1892, when William Pudge Heffelfinger received a five hundred dollar contract to play in a game.  Soon after, in 1920, the American Professional Football Association was formed.  Two years later, when this association chose to change their name to the National Football League, the true powerhouse - the NFL - came into being.  And the famous football jerseys that came out of that organization have been astronomical in number.  The Hall of Fame boasts names that none of us will soon forget; major Super Bowls that stunned crowds across the globe; injuries that took down some of the best; and, new draft picks that blew the whole world away.  THAT`S football!  And, thankfully, because of Water Camp`s drive, passion, and ambition, it continues into the future!

And what an amazing future it is.  Whether youth sports, college football, or that famous professional gridiron, relishes that 50-yard line and they want players in the absolute best football uniforms available on the market.  It`s YOUR future and wants to help you get to the NFL stage!

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In 1958 - the NFL Championship Game was a contest that has been dubbed the Greatest Game Ever Played.  It was not only that, but it was also a day in history that will forever be remembered as the day football came together for the people.  A rival league to the NFL - the American Football League (AFL) - began to play in 1960, and put so much pressure on the `senior league` that the most watched television event to be held in America every year came into being.  You guessed it.  The Super Bowl arrived! 

Do YOU want to go to the Super Bowl?  Do you want YOUR football uniform to be the one that the world watches?  From your youth to your college life to your professional career - can give YOU that legendary football number on that perfect football jersey, that will take YOU into the stratosphere.

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