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Published:May 5th, 2011 12:15 EST

Katy Perry Really Did Kiss A Girl (Actually Quite A Few) And She Liked It!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Katy Perry opens up about kissing girls and her Christian upbringing in the June issue of Vanity Fair.

In the interview, the quirky singer, who became a household name with her 2008 hit `I Kissed a Girl,` admits that she`s indeed had same-sex smooches but didn`t discuss it until now because she felt her male interviewers were sleazy.


`I said no, I hadn`t experienced it, even though I had, because I didn`t like where the guys were taking the interviews,` she explains."

It should come as no surprise that Katy Perry really did kiss an girl, and I`m convinced she liked it.

It`s my opinion, based on observation and personal experience, that 95 percent of women are bisexual, 4 percent are lesbian, and one percent are exclusively straight. I`m not claiming that 95 percent of women have had sex with women, many ladies are attracted to the same sex but because of religious and cultural reservations they refrain from lesbian sex.

I can understand why Perry lied about her bisexuality to reporters, they would have wanted to know all the intimate details about her liaisons with her girlfriends.

Kudos to Perry for finally telling the truth, the former Gospel singer has come a long way, baby!

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