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Published:May 6th, 2011 11:16 EST

Does Lady Gaga Suffer From 'Foreign Accent Syndrome'?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Experts said an Oregon woman who awoke from a dental surgery with a British-sounding accent is suffering from a rare condition known as foreign accent syndrome.

Karen Butler, 56, of Toledo said she awoke from dental implant surgery in 2009 with her speaking voice altered to a British-sounding accent with a bit of Transylvanian thrown in the mix, ABC News reported Thursday.


Dr. Ted Lowenkopf, a neurologist and medical director at Providence Stroke Center in Portland, Ore., said Butler has foreign accent syndrome, which is so rare only 60 confirmed cases have been documented around the world. He said the condition usually follows a minor stroke and stems from a minor injury to the part of the brain responsible for language pattern and tone.


There are two celebs afflicted with this rare disorder. When Madonna lived in England with her then husband Guy Ritchie, she affected an English accent. But now that Madonna is divorced from Ritchie and has moved back to the States, she`s dropped her fake accent.

It`s no surprise that the other entertainer who suffers from foreign accent syndrome is Lady Gaga. The pop star of the moment copies everything about the Material Girl: Her sound, penchant for outrageous stunts, wardrobe and fake British accent.

Lady Gaga employs a monotonous faux-British accent when she`s being interviewed; it`s enough to drive anyone nuts. There is nothing real about Lady Gaga; she even distorts her great singing voice with auto-tune.

Gaga maintains a ridiculous façade; she doesn`t want anyone getting close to her. It must be a real pain to always be in character; I wouldn`t be surprised if Gaga suffers a nervous breakdown in the next couple of years.

Maybe Madonna needs to pay Lady Gaga a visit, slap her, and demand that she drop the stupid accent.

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