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Published:May 6th, 2011 09:39 EST
Israel`s Premier Netanyahu Pushes Fatah Into the Arms of Hamas

Israel`s Premier Netanyahu Pushes Fatah Into the Arms of Hamas

By SOP newswire2


Israel`s Premier Netanyahu, by his refusal to negotiate peace with Fatah and his arrogant misjudgement in giving financial inducements to Israelis to illegally settle on occupied Palestinian land.

In overt contempt of the United Nations and of US President Obama, has pushed Fatah into the arms of Hamas and dealt Israel a blow from which it may never now recover.
The Egyptian government will open its border with Gaza, leaving Israel impotent and its widely-condemned blockade, in tatters.  Meanwhile, as Netanyahu comes to Britain to plead for support for his failed policies, he seems surprised that no one of any stature is interested to talk to him.
Britain and the EU want peace. Israeli intransigence will no longer be tolerated nor the risks of an escalating conflict that it brings with it.

The international community is determined that Israel`s massive arsenal of WMD must not only not be deployed against its neighbours but must also be put under inspection of the IAEA and eventually be dismantled.
Israel`s stockpile of nuclear weapons is now estimated by US scientists to exceed 400, making it the 4th most powerful nuclear weapons state on the planet. That position needs to be changed. And so does the attitude of its government.

By Colin Dale/ London