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Published:May 6th, 2011 18:00 EST
New Leading Lady Ginnifer Goodwin

New Leading Lady Ginnifer Goodwin

By H.B. Forman


When it comes to love, Ginnifer Goodwin has recently portrayed a roller-coaster ride of emotions. While most maids of honor are eager to please, in her starring role in Something Borrowed, she basically steals the groom. What is even more surprising is that film goers, and fans of Something Borrowed, the best-selling novel from Emily Giffin, are cheering for her character Rachel " all the while she is breaking a whole cadre of rules on the boundaries of life-long friendship, keeping secrets, lies and more.  The big question of the Warner Bros. film, which opens Friday, May 6, is which do you choose " friendship or true love? "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." So goes the traditional rhyme promising good luck for brides-to-be who carry these things down the aisle.

But what if something borrowed is the groom? That`s the question posed by Emily Giffin`s best-selling novel about the complications that arise when long-platonic friends Rachel and Dex realize their true "and truly inconvenient "feelings for one another on the threshold of Dex`s marriage to someone else. Especially, as that someone else is Darcy, Rachel`s best friend since childhood.

 Giffin says amid the excitement of the film`s promotional tour, that she believes in staying true to what the character would do in a particular situation. In this case, when it comes to Rachel, "I do believe in following your heart, but I don`t believe in hurting people or being dishonest. Sometimes you make mistakes along the way. But, you have to be true to yourself." When asked how she was able to write the characters so that we root for Rachel, even though she is going behind her best friend`s back and having an affair with the woman`s fiancé, Giffin said that writing in the first person definitely made me get more into the head of the character.  Giffin said she also appreciates the movie for showing the complexities in life. Sometimes it isn`t clear-cut, with a good guy and a bad guy. It`s how you get there. A lot of little decisions can add up to the texture of your life. The filmmakers did a great job of showing those layers. I think the movie and the book shows that sometimes when it comes to jobs or relationships, life is just unclear.  Goodwin is a familiar face to both film and TV audiences. In 2005, she earned praise for her portrayal of Johnny Cash`s first wife in the Oscar award-winning biopic "Walk the Line," with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Currently, she can be seen in HBO`s critically acclaimed dramatic series "Big Love," produced by Tom Hanks` Playtone Productions.  She stars as the third and youngest of three wives in a modern-day polygamist family with Bill Paxton as the patriarch, and Jeanne Tripplehorn and Chloe Sevigny as her character`s sister wives. Now she stars with Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed. On a perfect spring day at the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica, Goodwin wore a girly pink ruffled blouse, trimmed with a black collar, her hair short in a pixie cut with adorable bangs, silver and amethyst earrings, subtle make-up adorned with baby pink lipstick and her nails were polished an orangy-red.

This movie is opening a few days after the royal wedding, and you were educated and lived in the UK. Are you excited?

Ginnifer Goodwin: Oh, 100 percent! Kate Middleton is our Cinderella! I`m obsessed with that story! No, absolutely, I`m enthralled. I`m a big fan.

Are you going to be watching it?

GG: Oh yeah. Oh, my god, they are a living fairy tale, those two. I don`t even know how to articulate it. The little girl in me who always wanted to play the princess, is extraordinarily happy that Kate Middleton gets to.

What do you like about her?

GG: Why do I like her?  It`s a relationship that has overcome some, you know, obstacles that are outside of their control. And is purely based on love. And there`s really nothing more epic than that.

So will you be watching it, or TiVo it?

GG: I kind of TiVo everything! But I will watch it the second I get home! Not to give anything away in the movie Something Borrowed, but I thought you should have ended up with the other guy in the movie " Marcus versus Dex.

GG: I thought so too! But you can`t help who you fall in love with. And in rejecting the other guy, she is proving to the audience that it`s not just that she`s lonely. You know, in having this, `oh my god I`m 30` meltdown.  So what is she revealing?

GG: She is saying, "I don`t want to be with somebody by default." And she wants to be somebody`s first choice. And in that way, she knows that she can`t be with him either, because he is not her first choice.

That being said, what do you think about guy-girl platonic relationships, and can they last through marriages?

GG: Absolutely. Part of becoming an adult, is realizing that, hey. I don`t think we`re all going to end up with significant others who keep us from temptation. So I think it`s a matter of making a choice every day, to keep that window closed. 

Please tell me more about that.

GG: Well, I think you even do that in friendships. Some of my most special friendships with men, have been born while we were dating other people. Which is part of what helps. But I do think that you have to just make that decision together, to keep that window closed. And that`s just part of what being an adult is.

So you think men and women can`t just be friends?

GG: I agree to disagree! I mean, I`m saying I agree with the disagreement!

Your character is so angelic, yet she does bad things. How did you pull that off?

GG: It was very difficult. But honestly, I feel that the flaws are what is written. And she should be in any other story, the antagonist. But it is in making her sympathetic, that we make her the protagonist.

And that was the great challenge that inspired me to play her, was that - and I hate this comparison to Nabokov! - in the way you read Lolita and you hate yourself that you can`t put it down. Because for some sick reason, you want the guy to get what he wants!

So um, I couldn`t put Rachel down. And every time I was forced to put down the novel, I don`t know, I resented [the author] Emily Giffin for making me root for this person who I judged so harshly. I mean; everything she`s doing is so far off my world compass. Anyways, I`m talking too long about this!

You are the only woman who has ever rooted for the guy in Lolita.

GG: Ha! Well, that`s the magic of the novel, is that he`s like categorically, a really evil human being.

 You mention fairy tales and princesses. So is Once Upon A Time happening?

GG: Yes, well I have no idea. But I pray to the gods of ABC that it gets picked up! We have shot the pilot. And I got back a few days ago.

And you are Snow White?

GG: I am Snow White!

How does that feel?

GG: At 32, to get to play my favorite ever princess, is maybe the most special feeling in the world.

And how about a quick post-mortem on your hit TV show Big Love.

GG: Big Love is the best job that I will ever have. And I want it to be. Um, there is nothing that will ever compare to that experience, in that it was all love and creativity. And family. In fact, everybody told me going in, that you will become like a family, and fight like a family.

Were they right? GG: Yes, later I said, "we never felt like a family. We only loved like a family.` And I still talk to them just about every day. And I will miss it terribly. I think how they ended; it was only in reading the last q0 pages of this entire series.

You know, they took us in a room and we were the only ones who knew what was going to happen. I mean, even the other actors in the scene didn`t know what they were doing till they got there. But it was only in reading the last ten pages of the series, that I understood what the direction had been the whole time. And why we had to end it. Because the story had to conclude in the way that it did.

What was it like going from Big Love to Something Borrowed?

GG: Oh my gosh, they`re so different. We are all such different women, all four of us. And I think that`s maybe why we all complement each other so well. I mean, those women all work so very differently from each other.

I can say what they have in common, is that they are not competitive with their fellow actresses. And that`s very unusual. I usually do not necessarily get along very well with other actresses. Because I refuse to compete.

And I will bow out of real life friendships because of that. It`s just life is too short for that kind of negative energy. But those are all girl`s girls. And so I got along so well with Jean and Chloe, they are two of my best friends. And Kate and I became fast friends.

How did you know that you and Kate Hudson were going to be friends?

GG: I don`t know, I just immediately trusted her, from the moment I met her. Because we were there for the right reasons. We were there for the same reasons. We put our real lives and families first. Which is something I look for in other people.

You know, the people I look for tend to have the same priorities as I do. And Kate made that clear right off the bat, that we did have that in common. And I don`t know, there was just a lot of immediate love there.

I don`t think I ever heard another actress admit that fierce female competition before.

GG: Gosh, there`s so much player hating. There`s so much manipulating. I don`t trust a lot of the people I work with. Because I don`t know, it`s all about attention. And finding their self-worth in their work, or their public status.

And you know, things become petty. It becomes about who looks prettier on screen. And who`s getting the better lighting, and the better dresses. And I can`t abide it. And I don`t know, it`s interesting. Because I`ve sort of had better luck with having actor friends who`ve worked in television or theater.

And I wonder if it`s because that takes a different kind of commitment. And a different kind of focus, just by nature of the fact that you`re giving back that kind of time. and you want to give that kind of time, to play on a team with other people. It`s a lot less about the self.

So you`re saying there`s a difference between being an actress and a movie star?

GG: Absolutely. I would say 100 percent. And I have no interest in being a movie star. But I am incredibly driven to becoming an extremely successful actress.