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Published:May 7th, 2011 21:53 EST
Chrisagis Brothers Say "It is Time to Return to The Basics"

Chrisagis Brothers Say "It is Time to Return to The Basics"

By SOP newswire2

The Nationally Known Dynamic Duo (Brian & Shawn) better known as The Chrisagis Brothers have traveled the world and have seen a lot. The condition of the church today is truly sad and it shows the end times are here. The False teachings coming out of some TV preachers and half of the churches today is a sign of the times for us all.

The Brothers believe it is time to return to the basics and back to what the Word of God says. There are too many people sitting in the church seats and not truly understanding the Bible and what it says. So many folks are buying books on how to prosper, how to have a good life, or other topics on Bible principles but no one is knowing what the True Word of God says. The brothers see it everywhere they go, the church isn`t teaching on Hell these days and keep teaching on the Grace of God which is great but they don`t teach on what Sin is.

So the Chrisagis Brothers who live what they preach have been asked by Bishop Gerald Dombroski & his wife Jauanita & Pastor Ron Taylor and his wife Memory to become the spoke persons for their General Assembly Evangelistic Association. This Association believes in the total Word of God and teaches living a Godly life. The Brothers instantly agreed because they believe that it is time for the church to go back to the truth of what the Word says.

Some of the "TRUTHS" that they will be promoting is there really is a Hell and a devil. A Christian can only be a follower of Jesus if he or she lives a life that is pleasing to the Lord. People will make mistakes but living in an ungodly way is not being a Christian. We are to love the sinner but not the sin. Teaching on the Trinity - Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Being accountable to one another is an important part of being a Christian - with no accountability the church will end up living like the world and that is something that the Chrisagis` have seen in so many areas of the church today. Teaching only what the Bible says about circumstances and issues, if it isn`t in the Word we don`t add or subtract from it.

The Brothers are passionate about this Association because they really had a hard time in the last few years to find a remnant of believers who believed the entire Word of God these days and actually walked out their faith daily. So the brothers are also getting re-licensed in their own ministry through GAEA on May 14th.

Those interested in getting involved in going back to the Truth with the Chrisagis Brothers and the General Assembly Evangelistic Association are encouraged to log on to:

SOURCE: Christian Newswire

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