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Published:May 7th, 2011 11:17 EST

If Rosie Napravnik Wins Kentucky Derby It Will Be Victory For Women And Ginger Kids

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Only five women have ever ridden the in the Kentucky Derby, and none has finished better than 11th place. Next Saturday, a budding superstar hopes to make history as the first woman to win."


I`m not a fan of horse racing in general or the Kentucky Derby in particular, but I`ll be glued to the tube this Saturday praying and hoping that history (herstory) will be made.

I`m hoping that the sixth time will be the charm and that Rosie Napravnik will ride "Pants on Fire" to victory. I don`t mean to sound sexist but Rosie is beautiful, talented, dedicated and a ginger kid!

"Ginger kids" are people with red hair, freckles and pale skin. The term was popularized on an episode of "South Park" in which Cartman argued that ginger kids are disgusting, inhuman, soulless creatures.

Some of my best friends are ginger kids and I love them to death. But when I am sitting next to a ginger kid on an airplane, I`m afraid that if I fall asleep the ginger vampire will suck my blood.

Rosie may be a ginger kid, but she`s gorgeous; if she wins the Kentucky Derby I might finally get over my unnatural fear of ginger kids. By God I might even mate with one.

If Rosie wins the Kentucky Derby it will be a victory not only for herself, but for females and ginger kids.

God bless Rosie, women, ginger kids, and little children all over the world!


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