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Published:May 8th, 2011 10:49 EST

Outrage: 'JetMan' Cancels Flight Over Grand Canyon At Last Moment

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Swiss adventurer dubbed `JetMan` canceled an attempt to make an acrobatic flight over the Grand Canyon, saying he had not been able to train enough for the exploit.

`I was so focused on getting the authorization, I thought I would be able to fly anyway. And I ended up forgetting that I should put my energy into the flight and not on trying to get the authorization,` he told AFP.


`I never had the opportunity to train seriously,` said Rossy, whose previous exploits have included flying across the English Channel between France and Britain, and soaring over the Swiss Alps.

Rossy, 51, was to have been dropped from a helicopter high above the world-famous US landmark and make a series of loops, powered only by a winged jet-pack, before landing on the floor of the immense geological fissure."


Every entertainer worth his salt abides by the motto, "The Show Must Go On." An entertainer will only cancel his performance due to circumstances beyond his control.

The "JetMan" should change his nickname to "CowardMan.", he disappointed a huge crowd who showed up to watch his flight over the Grand Canyon.

Yves Rossy offered the lame excuse that his energy had been sapped by fighting to obtain authorization for the flight from the FAA, who only gave him the go ahead 30 minutes before the planned take-off.

Energy? Whacha talking about Willis? It`s not like he was going to fly over the Grand Canyon by flapping his arms.

Rossi also provided the excuse that he hadn`t had sufficient training; a little bit late in the game to come to that conclusion.

You never disappoint the crowd. Rossy should have manned up and attempted the flight. Better to crash into the Grand Canyon than to go down in history as a coward of epic proportions.

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