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Published:May 10th, 2011 22:27 EST

America's Next Top Model's Controversial Alexandria on Her Elimination

By Paulette Cohn

Alexandria Everett was hands down the most controversial aspiring model on this season of America`s Next Top Model. She got taken to task by Tyra Banks and Nigel Barker for trying to direct some of her photos shoots. And the other girls in the house didn`t like her controlling attitude.


So much so that  the 21-year-old from Newport Beach, California and Brittani had a major blowout at a photo shoot -- so major that it almost got Brittani thrown out of the competition.


Even so, it looked as if Alexandria might make it into the final two " she had aced several of the challenges. But when the ladies went to Morroco, Alexandria ended up in the bottom two twice, and the second time was the end of her Top Model journey.

Now we talk to Alexandria about whether or not she thought she was portrayed fairly, does she wish she could have a do-over and who she thinks will take the title.

You had a tumultuous season on America`s Next Top Model. Do you think you were portrayed fairly?

Alexandria Everett: I like the way I was portrayed because it shows that I am a little deeper, I feel like. I have been through a lot. It definitely shows that. I can`t hate what they showed because in a way it was me. It showed that I am a strong person that tends not to talk behind people`s backs. That tends to say things to people`s faces. Instead of being catty and doing it the high school way, if I have something to say, I will definitely say it to your face. The only thing I was disappointed in was that I shouldn`t have been so controlling on myself.

Having seen it now, would you change anything? Would you do anything differently?

Alexandria Everett: I would definitely go in there being my free, California surfer girl self. But also, being the professional that I am, already being a part of this industry, a little bit wiser. I sometimes, in the extreme conditions that we were in, forgot about who I was. I am that person who takes a lot of inspiration from the ocean and from New York City because I was there for Fashion Week last year. And not overanalyzing myself, which I can kick myself in the behind for doing.

A couple of episodes ago, you won both challenges of the night. It looked as if you were going to make it into the Final Two. How disappointed were you when you heard from Tyra that you were going home.

Alexandria Everett: I was disappointed because everybody wants to get to the top. But at the same time, either God, or Allah, or whatever higher power is out there, has a higher plan for me. I don`t mean to be negative and say I should still be there. Guess what? It wasn`t meant to be. C`est la vie. It is OK. Move on. I got to be a part of this competition. Out of thousands of girls, I got through. I got an e-mail on Facebook to do this. I saw it as a great opportunity and I ran with it. I made the top four. I can`t wait for the next step and whatever the higher power`s plan is for me.

Did you learn something about yourself that you didn`t know before?

Alexandria Everett: I definitely learned that I over analyze things a lot, and, instead of stepping back, from a professional standpoint, I always want to understand what I am being a part of. I have learned that on a set, you have very strong alpha people. Do not try and go up with the wolf pack. Every time I was on a shoot, I would try to learn and take everything in to learn lighting and different angles from people. I can do that on my normal job. For this, I just should have been a model.

As much as you seemed to like directing, do you think at some point, you might work behind the scenes?

Alexandria Everett: I am an international business major, so I love every aspect of the industry. As a great model, I feel that you should understand what you are doing, how things work and how things all get put together. I feel that it helps you in end. Tyra said it herself: Models tend to make bad actresses because they are so aware of everything. To pretend that the camera is not there is very hard for a model because we are always supposed to know where the camera is. Some people say you should not know that stuff, I feel it makes you a better model to know the areas you are getting into. At least then, you have respect for the person doing that job.

How much experience did you have coming into the competition?

Alexandria Everett: I started modeling last July, so it is almost two years now. It has been a great experience. I got my first agency, which was a small boutique agency called Models International in Beverly Hills. They gave me a shot and I ran with it. I didn`t have a car and I literally would take the bus or a taxi as far as I could do and then I would run the extra miles to get where I needed to go. Mark my words, I made it to every single call. Even if I didn`t get the job, I made it memorable for them to remember me for the next time.

Can I touch on the fact that I did L.A. Fashion Week twice and New York Fashion Week once? I actually was in a Zac Brown music video featuring Alan Jackson. It was called As She Walks Away and I was the main girl in it. I did the American Beauty ad campaign for Future Fins, a surfboard fin company in Huntington Beach. I was so blessed before I even agreed to do this [show] last summer. It was a great ad inspired by the movie American Beauty. My little brothers are surfers, my dad makes surfboards and he also fishes, but it is great to do something that you love. I am actually on my way to the beach right now. It is good to be a part of something that you love. I love modeling and I love surfing, so it was good to put it together.

Who do you think will win?

Alexandria Everett: All three girls have so much potential and such unique looks. Hannah is so girl-next-door, but she is very interesting inside, as well. Brittani has this very unique face. It is crooked in some spots, but it makes you look at it. It draws you in. You look at her as a whole. I love her haircut. She had a great makeover this season. I feel as if it really made her standout. And Molly is so unique, too. She is blonde, but she has these Asian-American eyes that make you wonder. Is she Hawaiian? Is she this or that? It is an awesome thing to have in this industry because it makes people wonder. Whoever wins really deserves it. I feel like we have all already won in a way. It is not about who wins, but what we do with this opportunity.

Will you stay in touch with the other girls?

Alexandria Everett: Absolutely. I feel I was a little misunderstood in the beginning. There was something a little deeper than that. That is something the girls didn`t understand before, but they learned as time went on. If they had come and said these things to my face, maybe we could have worked it out a lot sooner.

What`s next for you? Are you still with the same agency?

Alexandria Everett: We couldn`t be with an agency when we were on the show, so I terminated from them. I still send girls who want to start modeling to them. They were a good place to start. I just got eliminated, so I don`t have an agent yet, but I am shopping. My big move will come in August. My boyfriend and I are moving to New York City. I will also have a commercial agency here in L.A. because I feel it is important to have both. But I also want to be able to do high fashion in Paris, New York and Milan. I want to do it all.

America`s Next Top Model airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. on The CW.