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Published:May 11th, 2011 13:46 EST

Japanese Bra Maker Unveils A Bra That Carries Uplifting Message

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Japanese lingerie maker Wednesday unveiled a bra that carries messages of encouragement from overseas as the country struggles to recover from a devastating quake and tsunami that struck exactly two months ago.


The white, bustier-style garment and matching skirt by Triumph are covered with messages from 36 different countries received in the aftermath of the disaster, each accompanied by a tiny flag of the nation that sent it."


The messages are generic expressions of good will and admiration of the strength and perseverance of the Japanese people.

There`s nothing wrong with those bland messages of solidarity and encouragement, but I`m sure the Japanese women could also use encouragement of a different kind:

* You really rock those boobies in this sexy bra

*You are well endowed, next time buy a larger size bra

*Dolly Parton wants her bra back

The message bra is not for sale, the Reuters article doesn`t explain what the company will do the unique bras. I hope they will be donated to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, they need all the support in the world.

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