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Published:May 11th, 2011 14:35 EST

Top Ten Reasons Why Snooki Is Worst Person To Sit Next To On An Airplane

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Poor Nicole `Snooki` Polizzi can`t catch a break. She`s earned the dubious distinction of least favorite travel companion in an ongoing Facebook poll."


*Snooki will steal your packet of pretzels if you leave your seat.

*If the pop diva accidentally touches you with her hands, or God forbid her face, she will leave orange smudges from her fake tan on you.

*The pop tart might ask you if you want to join the "Mile High" club.

*The reality star will drive you bonkers chatting about nonsense.

*There`s a good chance Snooki will pass out drunk, land on you, and smother you to death.

*The spoiled star might expect you to give her a pedicure.

*Snooki will threaten to use the bathroom at her seat if the flight attendant doesn`t order the passenger using the restroom in first class to get out immediately.

*Snooki will scream that the cloud men are trying to kill her when the plane flies through clouds.

*Snooki`s favorite hobby? Passing gas and pretending you are the culprit.

*Snooki will demand that you floss her teeth after dinner.

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