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Published:May 12th, 2011 17:00 EST
Check Your Pockets: Cell Phone, Wallet, Keys?

Check Your Pockets: Cell Phone, Wallet, Keys?

By Michael Weidenhamer

What do people carry in their pockets?  I know they carry the usual - cell phones, wallets, keys.  I`m talking about the unusual items people carry in their pockets, the items that may help define who they are.  And if those items don`t define who that person is, they can at least be a conversation piece, a way to connect with others.

For example, I carry around a flipbook in my jacket pocket.  It`s a flipbook that depicts a popular scene from Alfred Hithcock`s film North by Northwest.  The scene shows Cary Grant`s character, Roger O. Thornhill, running in a field, trying to escape a crop duster plane.  He hits the ground just when the plane is getting as close as possible to him. 

I enjoy carrying this around because I`m a movie buff and it`s a good conversation piece.  If I`m out somewhere with some friends and they`ve never seen this flipbook before, I can pull it out for a laugh or for some fun conversation.  One time I showed it to someone and she flipped it about ten times in a row, giggling like she was a little kid. 

I used to carry around a Marilyn Monroe flipbook.  It depicted the famous scene where she`s standing over a vent and some air from the vent blows up her skirt.  It`s from the movie The Seven Year Itch.  I wish I still had this, but I lost it one day when I was playing outside in someone`s yard.  It might have been picked up by someone else, and that person is now enjoying it.

Years ago, I carried around good luck charms.  This is when I believed in good luck charms and actually felt that they would help me go about my day.  I carried three of them at the same time, and they would all fit in with one another.  One was a bottle cap from a Jones Soda bottle.  It had some words on the inside, but I cannot remember what those words were! 

Another item was a green four leaf clover coin that someone gave me on St. Patrick`s Day.  I kept it because I felt that it helped me out in a moment of need on St. Patrick`s Day, 2006.  The third item I carried was a little memento from New York.  On top of the Empire State Building, there is a machine that will flatten a penny and give it a picture of New York. 

I went to New York City in 2006 for a school music department trip and when we were at the top of the Empire State Building, someone gave it to me.  I carried it around as a reminder of the fun times I had in that glorious city.  However, after a while I stopped carrying these things around because it was starting to make me go a little crazy.  Worrying over whether or not these good luck charms " were actually working was not worth carrying them around.  Now, I wish I still had that New York penny so I could carry it around again.  Not for good luck, but so I could have an interesting conversation piece and a ready reminder of good times.

If the people reading this don`t carry around intriguing items like this, maybe they should.  Maybe carrying around a fun item will make them more eager to talk to someone else.  There needs to be more conversations between people in the world.  Too many are wired in when they`re walking around, always listening to their Ipods or on their phones, not paying attention to the people around them and what interesting stories they hold.  These items are like doors into the lives of others.  Put something in your pocket and open a door.