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Published:May 12th, 2011 20:50 EST
Flooding in the Southern U.S. Causes Concern as To What May Be Next

Flooding in the Southern U.S. Causes Concern as To What May Be Next

By Ron G Anselm

It seems since the storms we had a couple of weeks ago in Alabama with the numerous amounts of tornadoes that kept spawning every few minutes from the sky and the heavy rain that accompanied those storms, the Southern U.S has had its share of bad luck and the start of the tornado season is still in its first stages of spring. And some small towns were demolished completely and turned into nothing more than saw dust. 

The tornadoes cut a huge path through Birmingham and the power of those tornadoes were like having a 155mm Howitzer round hit right next to you. The people here in the Deep South are still in shock from the storms we had a couple of weeks ago. I have seen a lot in life but nothing like I saw from the damage of those storms. Parts of this area and all the way to Tuscaloosa look like a war zone.

Now, the region of the Southern U.S. is dealing with another problem, massive flooding. The mighty Mississippi River which is home to our main route of transportation in this country is cresting at record levels. The effect it is having on Southern cities is the same has compared to taking a glass and filling it with water but you continue filling the glass even as the water spills out from every side of it.

One town in particular that is really feeling the effects of the flooding and is now like a small island in the middle of a lake and is preparing for the worst to come is Vicksburg, Mississippi. People in this town and along the Mississippi River are starting to evacuate the area. The flood waters in this town and the local area have risen about a half meter within the last twenty-four hours. Yes, a half meter does not sound like much but when you compare it to how many square miles this town is, the equation changes.

Joan Parks who is from Vicksburg summed it up when she stated, "This is one of the higher areas in the Kings community. And like myself and a lot of others, we have homeowners insurance, but we don`t have flood insurance because we have never been required to have it because it is not a flood area," ( Most people in this area do not have flood insurance because there has never been a recent flood here since I believe the 1920s.

Vicksburg, Mississippi is rich in tradition and dates back to the Civil War. It is also a huge tourist spot where many tourists from around the country come every year to see the old scenery and bask in the rich traditions of the old south. Now, it may take many years to rebuild the town when the flood damage is over and the smoke clears.

Another resident of Vicksburg that has lived here all his life also added in the frustration that is being felt all over this town. Seventy-year-old Winston Holman said, "I have never seen the river as high as it is right now. And I hope I never see it get this high again. Because, it is hurting a lot of folks around here and a lot of businesses," (

The flood waters are currently in the downtown industrial area of Vicksburg which is south of the downtown area. The prediction is that the flood waters will end up flooding at least a thousand if not more homes in the area.

Mississippi is not the only U.S. City that is being turned into a swimming pool, in the city of Memphis, Tennessee that flood water levels reach 47.85 feet which is now an historic moment in that towns history because this is a milestone that has not happened there since the 1930s.

The Army Core of Engineers and rescue workers are scrambling to secure and make sure the levies that protect the city from flooding are secure but who knows how long and how much water those levies will be able to hod and go up against?

Tennessee and Mississippi are also not the only states being affected by the flood waters, even New Orleans is now bracing for the worst. The flooding is so bad it is even reaching New Orleans and this is one city that does not need more water in it.

With the recent weather phenomenon is the South people are now wondering what may be next. In Alabama which is now in the thunderstorm and tornado season when the local news gives the weather report if they are predicting thunderstorms in the forecast they are now walking on egg shells when giving the forecast and are now throwing in no threat of tornadoes with the approaching storms because people around here are so paranoid now and scared if they hear the word thunderstorm they run like a scared cat with its tail between its legs.

You wonder what may be next when it comes to Mother Nature. That is one Mother even I don`t mess with. All I can say is, keep the umbrella handy and patch up the holes in your row boat because who knows what may be coming next.



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