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Published:May 12th, 2011 09:24 EST
Voice of the Unknown - A Paranormal Investigation

Voice of the Unknown - A Paranormal Investigation

By Mimi Amaral

Voice of the Unknown, is unlike any other paranormal film.  Die-Hard skeptic Will Scoville with his team of researchers and celebrity guests will face the darkness to seek paranormal activity in the most disturbing places in Texas.  Voice of the Unknown is a documentary, directed by Will Scoville, which will grab the attention of anyone who has a personal curiosity for paranormal activity.  Will Scoville is known for his feature roles in independent films: Jeffrey Anderson Zombie Hunter, Serial Rabbit III, and he has appeared in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights.

Scoville describes his favorite blog, On April 11, at nightfall in the cemetery, me and Bobby2Badd came across something we couldn`t explain. We were startled by unidentified sounds coming from the back of the graveyard. The noises sounded like thunderous exhales, but when we used my flashlight to illuminate the area, there was nothing.  This blog was shot at the Antioch Cemetery located in Buda, TX. 

To view the blog go to:

Scoville`s investigative team for Voice of the Unknown consists of Bree Scoville a student at Crockett High school who helped produce the award winning web series Clinton Ink.  Bobby Hall, a Texas Indie professional Wrestler, and Craig Rainey who acted in: A Portrait in Sepia Tone and Innocence Saga.

Celebrity investigation guests throughout the film are: Waylon Payne, who is a musician and actor who co-starred in Walk the Line.  Johanna Goldsmith, an actress and model who has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and the Inside Edition for her controversial anti-Harold Ford campaign commercial, and Paula Nelson, singer-song writer and daughter of Willie Nelson.

Expert interviews were included to help make Voices of the Unknown an original feature film.  The interviews are conducted throughout the film, and cover aspects of paranormal phenomena. 
Interviews are conducted with Arthur Brown who is a Psychotherapist and Author, Talon Rios and Ensign who forms a paranormal researcher team from San Antonio, TX; Ensign who is gifted in paranormal sightings has been able to see ghosts from the age of four. Charisa Jarrett who was born being able to dream of the death of individuals before they occur, and Tonya Roberts who has inherited gifts of paranormal activity with the ability and knowledge of Ouija boards, witchcraft and other psychic abilities.

Voice of the Unknown will mystify the viewer and turn a none-believer into a connoisseur of paranormal phenomena.  This film is set to be released on October 22, 2011.  In the meantime keep up with the development of this film by following on Twitter:, or catch Will Scoville`s live Thursday Blogs on Facebook: