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Published:May 14th, 2011 11:27 EST

Harold Camping Cult Predicts Christ Returns May 21, 2011! Are You Scared?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A retired New York City transit worker  has spent $140,000, which he says is his entire savings, on ads warning bus and subway riders the end is near.

Robert Fitzpatrick, who lives on Staten Island, told the New York Daily News he is a follower of Howard Camping. Camping, a California evangelist, has calculated based on his understanding of the Bible that the Second Coming is due May 21."



A man`s basic and most fundamental obligation is to provide for the present needs of his family, and to ensure that his children will be financially able to fulfill their aspirations. That large sum of money could have gone a long way to helping out his children and grandchildren.

A Christian`s most basic obligation to his faith is to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and feed the hungry, minister to the sick, and welcome the outcasts of society. That large bounty could have gone a long way to feeding the hungry and ministering to the poor.

Robert Fitzpatrick isn`t much of a man, and he isn`t much of a Christian.

A Christian is supposed to bring honor to Jesus by loving everybody and always seeking to do the right thing. This idiot has made a mockery of his faith. he`s making evangelicals look like lunatics.

Howard Camping has previously predicted the end of the world, and our little globe is still circling the sun. I wish Fitzpatrick had given me his money; I would have used some of it to do good, and a good chunk of it to get my freak on.

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