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Published:May 15th, 2011 12:03 EST

Poindexter Glasses-Wearing Nerdy Burglar: Dumbest Criminal Of 2011

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Seattle police said a nervous and near-sighted burglar was foiled when he dropped his glasses.


The 36-year-old man was trying to open a window at a home in the Magnolia neighborhood early Friday morning, reported. After he lost his glasses, a dog began barking and he took off."


This Poindexter, nerdy, eyeglass-wearing, butterfingers-loser is going to be eaten alive in the Big House. I can imagine what will happen to him when he drops his glasses or soap in the communal showers.

The geek had the nerve to return to the house he tried to burglarize, and ask for his glasses. The residents refused to give him his glasses, he`s lucky they didn`t take a baseball bat and crack his head open like a melon.

The creep was arrested nearby hiding in the bushes like a scared rabbit.

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