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Published:May 15th, 2011 10:56 EST

Two Brats Kicked Off School Bus For Passing Wind In Unison

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Calling a flatulence attack by two middle school students an obscene gesture, school officials in Ohio decided to kick the kids off their school bus.

Jamie Nichols and Kristin Kuzora are angered that school officials found their 13-year-old son`s natural body processes to be obscene.

Their son and another boy passed gas on a school bus last week, and with kids being kids, it caused a ruckus on the bus, along with a flurry of laughs, jeers and lowering of windows, the Columbus [Ohio] Dispatch reported. "


When someone yawns it`s almost impossible to stifle a yawn in response. In fact just writing the word "yawn"  has made me yawn as I type this essay.

The same principle doesn`t apply to passing wind, if a co-worker farts I don`t suddenly feel an uncontrollable compulsion to let her rip like nobody`s business.

It`s highly suspicious that two kids had a farting fit at exactly the same time. This isn`t a case of two kids with an upset stomach who had to fart or they would blow up.

One of the student`s father argued that his son had an upset stomach, and he just had to do what comes naturally. There was nothing natural about that brat`s ungodly farts.

However the students shouldn`t have been kicked off the bus. The driver should have taken the initiative and farted in the general direction of the little monsters " they would have quickly learned not to cut the cheese in a school bus. 

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