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Published:May 16th, 2011 16:29 EST An Introduction to a Truly Incredible Team! An Introduction to a Truly Incredible Team!

By Tom Ski

Two weeks ago we introduced you to, a sister site to  This amazing "location` was built by people who truly get pure and utter enjoyment from running the paths that life has to offer.

Promoting the power and passion of running is`s specialty, but this site also stands for something.  With the sponsoring they provide, and the ability to offer businesses an extremely amazing marketing tool for their products and services, the team at bring every talent they have to the table to benefit the running community. 

Running is more than just a sport, or something to do in order to shed the pounds, running is a lifestyle.  It offers freedom, relief, calmness, tranquility, and absolute joy to millions of people`s lives; and the incredibly hard-working team behind the creation of knows this more an anyone.  Which is why they provide blogs, information, nutrition articles - everything and anything - to promote the running world.  From building friendships across the globe, to the advertising and marketing of the latest in running gear and products, has always proven itself the "place to be` where running is concerned.

The souls and minds of this team deserve to be explored at length.. It isn`t very often you come across people who have such a passion and understanding for something, that they decided to join forces in order to help others. 

Although Darryl, who is the leader of, isn`t a professed runner, he was approached by a friend named Jim, who let Darryl know that a companion site would be something that would definitely be well-received.  Jim soon convinced Darryl that the running world needed its` own place for enthusiasts, where they could go to receive the latest information.  The only thing that worried the`s creator was the fact that he was a cyclist and not a runner.  But Darryl`s friend Jim knew his stuff, and introduced Darryl to a woman by the name of Brady.  With Brady "s appearance, was immediately "up` and running, and being led by amazingly talented runners.

Seeing as that Jim`s idea led to the opening of this terrific site, we begin the introductions with him.  Jim is a runner, biker, and a social media genius.  He is also the father of two boys, a husband, and an avid bike rider.  But, in addition to all these things, Jim is also an extreme lover of the "run.` 

Referring to himself as a middle of the pack marathoner, " Jim`s blogs have offered him a fantastic way to share his stories and thoughts from the runner`s "trail.`  Jim does many things including blogging for  And, for all you Twitter fans out there, Jim "s handle is @bikerly).`s leader goes by the name of Brady.  Brady is one of those women who truly never believed that running was something that would be a part of her future.  In her own hysterical words Brady remarks, I associated running with dry heaving. "  Fun was not an adjective Brady used to describe this particular sport.

Fifteen years later, Brady absolutely loves nothing more than lacing her shoes and heading out to the trail (or, treadmill).  Brady understands and likes the physical benefits that running offers however, her true passion for the run comes from the feeling of absolute freedom and independence she receives.  Running is truly therapeutic, it is a time to be alone without the distractions of life that sometimes make us all go mentally insane. 

Of course, the "lone` runner is just one facet of the sport.  Many friendships have been formed through hitting the pavement.  Not only did Brady meet new people on the trail in the big city, but she has also met some truly fun people throughout the country, all due to running.   In addition, Brady loves to run for a "purpose.`  One personal run was the 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon, which aided the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  Brady was very committed to this particular event, as it celebrated the memory of her father who passed away from cancer in 1995.  Running for a cause was one of the best choices Brady ever made.

Kelli Jennings is also a part of the team, as well as  A registered dietician, Kelli is responsible for the majority of the site`s weekly nutrition tips, as well as the "Loving the BITE` feature that is highlighted Thursdays of every week.

This is a woman who has a divine passion for healthy eating, wellness, and sports nutrition.  An avid athlete, Kelli now finds herself as a leader and expert in the field of Sports Nutrition. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Dietetics, Kelli earned a residency at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC.  From there, Kelli accepted a position at George Washington University Hospital as a clinical dietitian specializing in cardiac disease, neurology, neonates, and diabetes.  She now has a private practice that focuses on preventative nutrition, wellness, and endurance sports, called Apex Nutrition.

In the beautiful mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado, Kelli fell into the world of competitive athletics, and began fine-tuning her expertise to help herself and others excel in the areas of health and performance. Studying and working in a variety of nutrition areas, Kelli is accredited by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, and brings her expertise to at every turn.

The last team member of is Kassi.  Not only does this young girl offer information and blogs to both sites, she is also a huge part of the Girls on the Run program, which is an amazing organization that promotes good, healthy lives for girls. proves every day that - for all age groups, all organizations, and all companies who wish to promote their products on a site that is truly the best-of-the-best - they are a fantastic team that can`t be beat.  And for anyone who`s not already a fan, you should head to this amazing site and jump on board immediately.

And remember to always:  Live "Love "Run!

For More Information:!/lovingtherun