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Published:May 19th, 2011 08:42 EST
All Hail Kacey Jones!  As Donald Trump Exits the White House Playing Field!

All Hail Kacey Jones! As Donald Trump Exits the White House Playing Field!

By Krista Boyer


Who will be the next President of the United States?  Who will run on the Republican ticket against Obama for the White House?  Well "not Donald Trump.

Why, you ask?  Is it because the corporate magnate would miss sitting across his large desk in his fake office facing (some REALLY strange) celebrities?  Or, could it be the fact that Kacey Jones - the most wonderfully hysterical and talented songstress to arrive on this planet in a long, long time  - has released her latest masterpiece titled, Donald Trump`s Hair?  Is it possible that old Mr. Trump wants to ride the wave of popularity that this compilation of songs is going to give to him?  Probably.  The guy may not be White House material, but he definitely knows a superstar when he sees and hears one.  And that, my friends, is Kacey Jones! 

When this writer introduced you all to Kacey Jones last week, you got a look at a redhead who is zany, brilliant, compelling, unique, drop-dead hilarious, and one of the most fantastic performers in the music industry today. 

Kacey Jones`s history includes everything from singer, songwriter, producer, publisher, comedian - you name it, Kacey Jones has done it and done it well.  Accolades, rave reviews "this woman has received everything that anyone can receive by being the best of the best in your industry.  The list of brilliant performances that Kacey Jones has provided America is longer than the list of bad kids vs. good that Santa Claus has to deal with every year.  People Magazine, USA Today, CMT - these are just a small facet of the venues that rave about Kacey Jones.

When Kacey Jones first announced the release of her newest CD, Donald Trump`s Hair, she "gifted` her fans with thirteen original songs written and/or co-written by Kacey.  Yes, I know.  Donald Trump has been the butt of America`s jokes before, but this album will literally catapult him into the stratosphere of American history.  Not only is he a bright star when it comes to good-natured (and, even bad-natured) ribbing, but he also offers Kacey Jones so much fodder to work with that her title track, Donald Trump`s Hair, was released nationally on May 9th to thousands of country radio stations, Pop and AC stations to fanfare galore.

Let`s face it, Donald Trump caught the perfect news cycle at a time when the media couldn`t get enough snippets of information to put out there among all of us needy folk.  And you have to pat the guy on the back.  Yes, Trump is the silly dude in the silk ties that we tease unmercifully but, you have to give him some credit.  Trump picked his message and timing as smartly as he always does when he announced that he may just run for the highest Office in the world.  With his announcement, the media went cuckoo, allowing Trump to catch a massive, mammoth wave of publicity that catapulted his show, The Celebrity Apprentice " higher-up in the ratings.  Not to mention, back into the NBC line-up of shows for next season.  As a businessman, Donald Trump is laughing his way all the way to the bank which, of course, he most likely owns by now.

The businessman will stay the businessman, and Kacey Jones has put together a collection of music and lyrics that can be used as the perfect "Swan Song` for the ultimate enigma that is Trump, as he races away from the Presidential podium. 

In Kacey Jones`s title track, the song begins "

Whether a bull or a bear market,

his tresses are always a target.

But this Pompadour should be admired,

and if you don`t agree, then you`re fired!

And the drop-dead funny lyrics go on.  What would Donald Trump say about Kacey Jones`s fantastically hilarious CD?  Chances are, if we know this wealthy machine, he`ll get on the phone with her right away and sign her to a seven-figure deal as fast as humanly possible.  God knows, the guy always recognizes a great money-maker when he sees one.

In Trump`s statement, just released by the NY Daily News, Trump said business was his greatest passion and, I am not ready to leave the private sector. "  Hence, it is time for Donald Trump to get with his creative team and hire Kacey Jones immediately.  Just think of the next massive wave of publicity he could garner by teaming up with this award-winning artist.

This isn`t new for Kacey Jones.  As we told readers last week this woman has a history of hits.  Her comic albums consist of, The Sweet Potato Queens` Big-Ass Box of Music, which, musically speaking, is the soundtrack " of  The Sweet Potato Queens - an organization born out of six bestselling books by author, Jill Conner Browne.

Other Kacey Jones hits?  Men Are Some of My Favorite People, Every Man I Love is Either Married, Gay or Dead, and the list goes on and on and on.  In the coming weeks, readers are going to be "gifted` with an in-depth look inside the fabulous world of Kacey Jones, when she offers us answers to the questions readers and fans desperately want to know.  This is a woman whose interview will draw millions of admirers and light up Twitter and Facebook pages as bright as the lights are on Broadway.  With that many "hits,` Donald Trump is sure to feel the presence of Kacey Jones inside the Boardroom.

In conclusion, America "

Who`s in?  Kacey Jones.  Who`s out?  Well "from the presidential race, Donald Trump is most definitely Fired! "  Bowing out, he has tipped his toupee and has headed into that goodnight.  But with his savvy, you never know when that man will return.  And, when he does, it won`t be a bit surprising to see him walk back into the room accompanied by the stunning vocals and fantastic lyrics of one, Kacey Jones.

Who will run?  I hear Gary Busey`s available. J

Until Next Time "Everybody. 

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