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Published:May 17th, 2011 12:42 EST

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Love Child With Maid! Feel Sorry For Maria Shriver?

By Robert Paul Reyes

On May 9, 2011 Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he and his wife of 25 years were "amicably separating." Any fool who believed that the separation was amicable, would fall for a used car salesman`s pitch that the Ford Mustang on sale was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays.


Now the other shoe has dropped: The Governator fathered a child more than a decade ago with a member of the household staff. Arnold may look stupid, but he had enough sense not to tell his wife about his Love Child until after he left the governor`s office.

Nobody should be surprised at this revelation, least of all Maria Shriver. Expecting the Terminator not to cheat on his wife is like getting hitched to Oprah Winfrey and expecting her not to raid the fridge every night.

Arnold was a lousy actor, governor and husband, but at least he has been financially supporting his Love Child.

The LA Times which first broke the story isn`t releasing the name of Arnold`s former mistress, but I predict that her identity will be revealed in a matter of weeks or days. In these days of 24/7 cable news outlets and the Internet it`s almost impossible to keep a secret.

This scandal came out too late to hurt Arnold`s political career, he has no intentions of running for political office again. But it may help Arnold`s efforts to revive his moribund movie career, it augments his image as a virile macho man who has his way with the ladies.


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