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Published:May 17th, 2011 13:55 EST
(Bi)-Partisan Only Means You'll Be Working Together, Not That You Like Both Sexes!

(Bi)-Partisan Only Means You'll Be Working Together, Not That You Like Both Sexes!

By Will Roberts

Boy, this Budget debate is killing Americans. Our President is trying to be bi-partisan about this whole thing. Sometimes I think Republicans are afraid of the bi part; its ok, Republicans, (bi)-partisan only means you`ll be working together, not that you like both sexes! 

This seems like the worst time to try to get Republicans & Democrats to work together, near an election season; let me clarify that season, one and a half years before the next elections (Nov 4th -ish). AFTER ELECTIONS: a few months off. 

This is so the other side; the losers, can watch the winners and see if they slip up. Now, if the newly elected politician(s) are good, well they might hold off ... On everything; working together, agreeing with each other, talking to each other... The last thing the other side wants is to be seen being is bi-partisan, cause then their constituents will use it against them in the next campaign; you were too liberal, too conservative. 

But, if the NEWLY appointed politician is bad from the start, well then they will start right in with the smear campaigning. So there are really only a few days to really get in and work together.

But those tend to be the days they are not in session.  

I like to believe that Mrs. Roberts (my wife) and I are like any other married couple. We have a debate about finances or a budget; well we talk it out. And in most cases we either agree that SHE is right or compromise. Now, heaven forbid, if you are one of those couples that never agrees with each other, well you can always ... Go your own separate ways; sometimes it`s just the right thing to do. 

I am going to suggest this plan to our President. IF Republicans don`t want to agree on this budget and the Democrats don`t want to give in like they normally do, then I suggest that you all (Dems & Reps) get separated. We kids (Americans) would understand; really we would. 


Your friend,

Will Roberts



About Will:

Cowboy Act in the Cirque Du Soleil show Viva Elvis in Vegas. Syndicated Cartoon/Humorist - Will Says - A modern Day Will Rogers. 

In this modern day and age American`s newest slogan is: Mom, apple pie and high speed Internet. They say you can live two weeks without food, a day or so without water " but take someone`s Internet access away and they won`t last five minutes.   

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