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Published:May 18th, 2011 17:24 EST

Hottie Bristol Palin's New Reality Show Destined To Bomb!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bristol Palin`s new reality show will follow her as she moves from Arizona to LA. Once Bristol arrives on the West Coast, she and Tripp will shack up with Disney star Kyle Massey and his brother, Chris. Trippy indeed!


I can`t imagine Bristol engaging in any sexual shenanigans with the Massey brothers, baby-faced Kyle looks like the Michelin Man`s illegitimate child and Chris looks mentally-challenged.

A reality show without any sexual tension isn`t going to garner high ratings. To liven things up Charlie Sheen and his goddesses should move in next door. Bristol`s show doesn`t need the Disney Factor, it needs some sex appeal.

Tripp may be cute, but his droopy diapers can`t carry the show. If Bristol kicks Tripp to the curb, and gets freaky with Charlie Sheen she may have a hit on her hands.

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