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Published:May 18th, 2011 22:30 EST
International Author Askin Ozcan Plans a Number of New Books

International Author Askin Ozcan Plans a Number of New Books

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Askin Ozcan is a seasoned, versatile author. He is an architect, teacher, journalist and has worked in nine countries in different professions and has travelled widely in Western and Eastern Europe, North America and Turkey. He has published six titles in the U.S.A. and one title in India. His books can be viewed in the following press-releases and are available at 200 internet bookshops including,,, and via 25.000 bookstores worldwide:

Askin Ozcan is now planning a number of  new books which he hopes to publish in the coming years:

THE  CHANCES  I  MISSED  IN  MY  LIFE: A humoristic narrative of  the chances he missed in making money, in love and in his career.

MY PREFERENCES: An autobiography stamped by a series of preferences in each period in his life, from childhood to his present age of seventy years.

A FRENCH GIRL IN ISTANBUL - DOMINIQUE:  A fabulous love story which started in London and continued in Istanbul. Full of intrigue, romance, friendship and adventure.
(Intended as a novelette for a film.)


AN OLD MAN AND A YOUNG GIRL:  A friendship story between an old man who lost his daughter in a war and a young girl who lost her father in the same war.

THE G-GANG: About a gang which established worldwide businesses using the name of a famous world diplomat.

Askin Ozcan says, "It is no problem to write these books, as I have lived through all these
episodes in my life.  There is no problem publishing them either, as I have several publishers waiting for these books. The only problem is, there are close to fourteen million books in English alone, in the market, most of which are uninteresting, unworthy of being read and my books have to compete with them. And reviewers don`t always pick up the best books which get lost in the crowd of "literary pollution". The other problem is that my published seven books are awaiting my attendance to promote them. For instance THE SECOND VENICE which I think is a masterpiece in humor and has become #1 among the top rated books in ITALY MAGAZINE (U.K.), surpassing the Roman classic Juvenal`s "Satires"  and has been accepted by La biennale di Venezia, has to be re-published by a publisher who can meet the demands of discount and credit, as its present publisher cannot meet the demands of the bookshop at La Biennale and therefore the book cannot be sold in that lucrative market.

SMALL MIRACLES which brought me a "Thank you" letter from his Eminence, The Pope,
is awaiting promotion, so that the stunning incidents in it can reach the readers.

WISDOM IN SMILE and my last book which has been published by Prakash Books of India IDEAS & JELLYFISH are also two very remarkable short story collections.
(      and    have their details.)

My poetry book LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES in which two poems received
the "Best poem of 2006" award at Muses Review, can be promoted at the florists`, because of its beautiful book cover which pictures a lightning and roses...

And STOCKHOLM STORIES awaits promotion in Stockholm and in other places too, as it is an excellent book of memoirs full of adventures, objectivity and interesting insights and analyses. (  

THE MINI-SUBMARINE is a novelette for a film. It is about the adventures of a USSR captain whose mini-submarine gets grounded in the Stockholm waters exactly at the midnight when U.S.S.R ceased to exist and Russia came into being. In the hands of the right film director, this can be an exciting film like a 007 movie.  (

Web-page of Askin Ozcan:  

Askin Ozcan is a writer/mentor with   and writes also for,,

Author. Has seven published titles in the U.S.A. Also many articles published internationally. Currently writer/ mentor at