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Published:May 18th, 2011 15:57 EST

Top 10 Reasons Why Harold Camping Is Wrong: World Won't End May, 21,2011

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The billboards on Highland Avenue in Salem and Cabot Street in Beverly have been hard to miss: `Judgment Day ... May 21 ... The Bible Guarantees It.`

Sponsored by Harold Camping, an 89-year-old evangelical Christian preacher and president of California-based Family Radio Worldwide, the apocalyptic billboards have sprouted up around the country."


Is this Saturday the Rapture when true believers will be taken up into heaven, while the heathen will be left behind to face God`s wrath? Do you need to pack your bags and buy a white robe?

I don`t think so...

*Harold Camping is 89-freakin`-years-old, he can`t predict when he will need to change his diapers, let alone when Jesus Christ will return.

*Camping has been wrong before, he previously predicted that the Rapture would occur in September 1994

*It`s just too good to be true. If Jesus took Camping and his nutty followers to heaven, Earth would be a paradise without these lunatics.

*The Gospels say that Jesus will return as a "thief in the night." Having a carnival barker proclaim the Second Coming of Jesus Christ isn`t exactly returning as a thief in the night.

*The Bible also states that no man knows the day or the hour that Jesus will return. Not only is Camping clueless about the day or the hour of Christ`s return, he doesn`t know Saturday from Thursday or a hole in the ground.

* It would be insane to trust some wrinkled old coot who looks like a walking prune.

*If Camping really believed that Jesus was returning this Saturday, he would declare that he would commit suicide if he was wrong.

*Camping hasn`t canceled his vacation to the Mustang Ranch this summer.

*God doesn`t suffer fools gladly, he lets them make fools of themselves.

*Jesus has already returned, he`s an undocumented worker working as a dishwasher in Los Angeles.

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