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Published:May 18th, 2011 21:47 EST
Trading on Etsy

Trading on Etsy

By Tony Graff is a website for the Do-It-Yourself-er, and the seller of said stuff. People set up their own store, and sell items they have made, or vintage items they have found.

With the economy the way it is, and more money being drained into people`s gas tanks, trading on Etsy has been on the rise. Always willing to not spend money, I found the trade-a-holics page and signed on my store, yarnminion (to see my shop, check out This team of Etsy stores has almost 2000 members, and if you`re willing to trade, so are they. 

My experiences with trading have all been amazing. I`ve gotten art photography from England, beads from Belgium, gourmet cookies from California, and cuff links from D.C. I`ve been able to make friends with some of them, and share my talents with them through cuff links and crocheting. 
For the people who do use Etsy to trade, I`m going to point out that this does count towards the success of your business. From trading and selling in my shop, I was able to get a tax deduction for expenses because enough inventory had passed through my hands into other people`s hands. 
A lot of people are like me, and don`t have a lot of cash flow. So, if you make your own soap or shampoo, blankets or beanies, trading on Etsy can provide a way to make new friends, get cool stuff, and only have to pay for sending what you made.