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Published:May 19th, 2011 10:50 EST
JIHAD`S NEW HEARTLANDS - Why The West Has Failed To Contain Islamic Fundamentalism

JIHAD`S NEW HEARTLANDS - Why The West Has Failed To Contain Islamic Fundamentalism

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Author House, an Indiana, USA based publishing house announced the release of a new book titled: JIHAD`S NEW HEARTLANDS - Why The West Has Failed To Contain Islamic Fundamentalism. It will be the first book in the market on Islamic radicals after the death of Osama bin Laden.

The author, Gabriel G. Tabarani, is a very well-known and respected specialist on Middle East and North African affairs. He has been involved in journalism in Beirut, Washington and London as a Journalist, Reporter, Correspondent, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief for over 25 years. He has already authored four books: The Tears of the Horizon a romantic novel; The Winter of Discontent in The Gulf  (1991) about the first Gulf War when Saddam Hussein took over Kuwait; Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: From Balfour Promise To Bush Declaration " The Complications and The Road For a Lasting Peace  (March 2008); and How Iran Plans To Fight America And Dominate The Middle East, (October 2008.)

"Throughout this book, I have tried to apply impartial analyses and interpretations of the facts from which I have subsequently come with what I believe are balanced ad reasonable conclusions. All I can do is hope that I have succeeded in my attempts," says Mr. Tabarani. Experts agree that the book is a fair and balanced work " making it a rare piece of impartial analysis in what is often a highly partisan body of literature.  

Jihad`s New Heartlands is a ground breaking book offering an insightful and thorough analysis of the most important territories where Islamic fundamentalism has taken a foothold. The author, Gabriel G Tabarani, thanks to his combination of thorough research, wide-ranging travel and extensive experience in the field provides a thorough historical, political and social analysis of the key variables, historical events and most importantly their potential consequences.

This extensive and well-documented study, across many of the world`s foremost and pertinent Islamic fundamentalist breeding grounds such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, The Levant (Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Jordan), and The Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), offers the reader an in depth look at the context of Islamic Fundamentalism`s rise in prominence, profile and destabilising potential. This analysis is extended to Muslim populations living in Europe, Russia and America helping to explain the causes for the West`s failure to contain Islamic extremism both at home and abroad.

Jihad`s New Heartlands, in addition to being written by one of the region`s foremost experts, is a must read for any person wanting to understand the causes of Islamic Fundamentalism`s rise and the consequences of its ascent in an increasingly globalised yet unstable world.

This book (476 pages) can be found and bought from over 1000 internet outlets (Websites) including  or  or  or  or or or or and   The book can be found too at Waterstone Book Group or at Ingram Book Group and their affiliates and other distributors in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and around the world.

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