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Published:May 19th, 2011 22:58 EST
The Funny is Back! A Review of the New Lonely Island Album

The Funny is Back! A Review of the New Lonely Island Album

By Michael Weidenhamer

Hi, I`m John Waters, and this is "The Creep."  This is the opening line of another hilarious song from The Lonely Island, "The Creep", off their second album Turtleneck and Chain.  The trio of joke rappers, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer, are valued for their inventiveness and ability to make even the hardiest of people laugh. 

An important aspect of the Lonely Island`s albums is that some of the best and funniest songs are the songs that people have been listening to for the last six months or even a year.  One of the most catchy songs on the album, Motherlover", featuring Justin Timberlake, was first shown on Saturday Night Live in 2009.  Another song, Threw it on the Ground" also came out in 2009.  The same thing happened on the first album, with songs like Jizz in my Pants " and Dick in a Box " already ingrained in peoples` minds way before the album came out. 

Then why buy the album?  For the songs that you haven`t heard yet.  One song, Jack Sparrow " is making the rounds as a hit song on various radio stations.  The trio showed up on the XM radio station Alternative Nation to promote the song as the number one song of the week.  It features a surprise appearance from Michael Bolton, who sings some lyrics in the song that many people would not usually expect him to sing.  Another surprise guest appearance is from Snoop Dogg, who shows up towards the end of the title track.  Similar types of gifts appeared on the first album.  In fact, some of the songs that weren`t hits on the first album are now more fun to listen to than the hits, such as Punch you in the Jeans " and the title track. 

After listening to it a couple of times, it doesn`t seem to have the lasting power that the first album has.  Incredibad came out two years ago and I`m still listening to it all the way through.  I don`t see myself listening to this one all the way through two years from now.  However, it is definitely worth buying since these three are hilarious and the more support they have, the more likely they`ll make more music.