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Published:May 20th, 2011 08:59 EST

MSNBC Pundit Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin Is Profoundly Stupid

By Robert Paul Reyes

I think Sarah Palin proved herself to be " I think she`s proven herself to be profoundly stupid, "

Talking head Chris Matthews
When a pundit calls Palin stupid, he runs the risk of appearing stupid for stating the obvious. But it beats the alternative, trying to come up with a politically-correct way to call her a moron.
Matthews` statement is spot on; Palin has proved herself, by her words and actions, to be profoundly dense.
If Palin confined her pronouncements to Twitter, the perfect forum for an ignoramus, most of us would take little note of her nonsense.
But when the former beauty queen and present day reality star opines on weighty matters in lecture halls in universities, we are duty bound to comment on her psycho babble.
Every time Palin opens her mouth to speak she loses some of the air between her ears rendering her dizzy and incapable of uttering a coherent thought.
For the love of God, Palin please confine your deep thoughts for Twitter.

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