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Published:May 20th, 2011 13:06 EST

No Hipster Worth His Salt Would Attend 'Hipster Church'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The pastor of a New York congregation dubbed the Hipster Church said he is trying to create `a church for our generation.`

Rev. Gage Jung, 37, a self-proclaimed hipster who was ordained a minister 10 years ago and formerly served as lead pastor at the United Generations Church in Brooklyn, said the new congregation in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens currently has 32 members and he is aiming for at least 100 by September, the New York Daily News reported Thursday."



There is nothing more uncool than a minister trying to act cool; it makes as much sense as a prostitute trying to appear wholesome.

A preacher in inherently uncool, promulgating myths and superstitions is the most unhip thing a human being can do.

Ever been to a hipster church? It`s a surreal experience! A square pastor trying to be cool exhorts the predominantly young congregation to "give it up for Jesus Y`all" and to "Put your hands up in the air Like you and the Holy Ghost just don`t care."


Jung is trying to be hip by having a house rock band at his church, and trying to make it seem like a club. Dude, why settle for a pale imitation when a hip dude can score some ecstasy and pick up a hot mama at a real club?

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