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Published:May 21st, 2011 15:48 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Gary Kobat, World Class Athlete and Olympic "Mentalist"

Judyth Piazza chats with Gary Kobat, World Class Athlete and Olympic "Mentalist"

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

"The real story is that we are unlimited beings. The real story is that the world and the universe are unlimited. We must start telling the story of our amazing lives, because whatever story we tell, light or dark, vibrational energies will make sure we receive it... and that will be the story
of our lives."
- Gary Kobat (from "Empowerment")


Has there ever been a time in your life when someone believed in you so much that your talents and spirit soared in their presence? What did they see in you that you didn`t see in yourself? Did you grow when they shared their faith in you? Were you able to reach higher, dig deeper, allow and receive more when you knew you had their encouragement?


Once in a rare while you come across someone who is willing to set the record straight and tell you a truth that will shift the way you think about yourself and the world. When it comes to getting older, yet looking and feeling younger; awakening, healing, and empowering yourself from the heart with raw truth and clarity, Gary Kobat is that man.


Quickly recognized as a world-known authority in the field of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Sport, Gary is the proposed prophet who, by loving himself, loves the world-one soul at a time. In short, Gary is the best friend anyone`s self-esteem, self-worth, and sense of deservingness can ever have.


A man of astounding athletic and personal accomplishments, Gary Kobat is a natural born leader who has found inspiration throughout his travels around the world doing "the inner road work." He has logged hundred`s of thousands of miles on his mind and his body, and is a man driven deep from within-from his heart. "A key transformational question I always ask is, `Are you loving yourself right now?`" says Gary. "Someone once asked me, `Gary, what do you know about love and consciousness?` I replied, `Are you serious? Ever ride a bike at 60mph downhill or for hundreds of thousands of miles? One split-unconscious moment and you`re done. Athletes practice and connect with high levels of conscious excellence all day long, effortlessly.`"


"I am a messenger," Gary states in introduction, "My Life is about self-love, assisting others in their awakening, self-awareness, self-healing, and self-worthiness." With an intention to touch millions of people in many countries, Gary creates keys and tools from a simple, yet intimate Self-Mastery System to enhance their quality of life-for themselves, their communities, and the world.

He`s been feted as everything from a world-class athlete, author, athletic intuitive, trainer to the stars, international inspirational speaker, integrative performance coach, "The Re-Inventor", and "The Transformer". When you ask Gary what his occupation is, he responds, "People call me Gary. I assist people in their awakening."


Utilizing ancient wisdom and cutting-edge trends in human performance, Gary`s energy for life has guided transformation and evolution for thousands-dynamically assisting in their legendary results. Never about winning, Gary inspires an inner-energy connection. "Everybody is a master. There are no idle thoughts. Each thought helps steer the ship; the destination is your choice. Ultimately it`s not about winning, but rather about who you become along the way." Gary`s client list includes the Who`s Who in film, business, and sport. For the past decade he has quietly mentored the spirituality, health, and longevity of Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Mariska Hargitay, and countless others.


Born and raised in windy and chilly Chicago, Gary`s roots are within a family that had little means, lots of challenges, big hearts, and a great work ethic. "Early on, my gift has always been energy," Gary continues, "I could give it away and still have enough. Soon I found myself on airplanes as a youngster-counting my pennies from washing cars, delivering newspapers, shoveling snow or cutting grass to go to Canada for hockey tournaments. I remember, in training, I couldn`t do enough hills. Those hills became one of my first messages of spirit through athletics: The Principle of Resistance. In training, resistance is an asset; it sharpens and strengthens us. But in Life, resistance is a liability that stops us from accessing and being our highest best selves."


It is because of the fundamental wisdom such as this that the world is gravitating towards Gary. He avidly collected words of wisdom at the age of 5, amassing a library of thousands by his teens. "When you think about it, society`s workforce actually gets paid to sleep,"says Gary, whose mission is to also take the definition of sleep to another level. "Mass consciousness thinks that work is all about production and showing up on time. However, when we enhance our sleep, our self-love and communication to ourselves and to others, our work performance soars to a whole new level. Sleep still remains one of best anti-aging ingredients."


It hasn`t always been smooth skating on the ice of life for Gary Kobat. He has had three reconstructive knee surgeries and a new hip, for starters. Having recently returned from India with a new hip, Gary says, "What an amazing country; the people are so loving, what an opportunity to keep moving forward. Life is not about what happens to us, it`s about how we handle what happens to us. It`s hip to have a new hip!" Gary celebrated his return to cycling with a recent win. Yes, you guessed it, with a lot of hills. "When you make conscious choices that align yourself with your highest, best self it`s only natural and inevitable, that your physical best self follows...all the way to finish line...of life."


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