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Published:May 21st, 2011 12:57 EST

Top Ten Ways To Punish Harold Camping For Being Wrong About End Of World

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Don`t feed Mike Tyson for a couple of days, and then unleash him on Harold Camping.

*Don`t feed Oprah Winfrey for a couple of hours, and then unleash her on Camping.

*Force him to dance the Macarena until he drops dead of a heart attack.


*Force him to attend a "Left Behind" party.

*Take away his $72 million. and give it to skeptic organizations that debunk charlatans.

*Let the fools who sold their homes to prepare for the end of the world squat in his mansion.

*Have an "End of the World for Harold Camping Party", at the end of the party Camping is killed by a member of a competing cult.

*Give him a white robe, a pot to pee on, a calculator, and let him wait for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ on top of a mountain.

*Hit him upside the head with a giant King James Bible.

*Let him spend the rest of his life calculating when Lady Gaga will finally release a song that doesn`t copy Madonna.

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