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Published:May 23rd, 2011 11:12 EST

Daisy Dukes Clad Snooki Hurts Herself High-Kicking For The Cameras

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Jersey Shore`s Snooki hurts herself high-kicking for the cameras in Italy."

"Jersey Shore" is perhaps the most idiotic reality show ever aired anywhere on the planet. Faux Italian Snooki and her posse depict Italian Americans as pea-brained brutes, so naturally the next season of "Jersey Shore" is being filmed in Italy. Let`s hope that the Sicilian mafia doesn`t waste these imbeciles.


Snooki has lost a lot of weight, who can blame homegirl for donning short shorts and a low-cut top and high-kicking for the cameras. Unfortunately, Snooki being Snooki she sprained her groin.

In today`s world where celebrity is valued more than anything else, Snooki`s injury qualifies as breaking news.

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