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Published:May 23rd, 2011 15:05 EST
Orvel Ray Voted One of the World's TOP 5 Sales Speakers for 2010 and 2011

Orvel Ray Voted One of the World's TOP 5 Sales Speakers for 2010 and 2011

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If your group needs to find new customers and build sales with existing customers, then we can help. Orvel Ray travels worldwide to share his unconventional wisdom at sales meetings, conventions and small-business groups. From a general-session keynote to an intensive, two-day boot camp, he will arm your people with hundreds of simple, low-cost or no-cost marketing tactics that drive sales and earn big profits. He was recently voted one of the world`s"TOP 5 Sales Speakers" for the second year straight by an international Internet poll. 

"In March [2010] we had our first $10 million month since 2008, when the bottom fell out of the market." -Stacy Michelson, Natl. Sales Manager, Purvis Industries.  

A rarity in the field, he`s a provocative, highly motivating speaker with heaps of content. Unconventional, engaging and funny, he`s a 30 year veteran of the platform, and it shows! He has wowed audiences in more than 1,000 cities and 42 countries, on every continent except Antarctica. 

"You were great up there, and you by far exceeded our expectations!" -Tasha Scales, AmeriSpec,Inc.  

An award-winning business guru, he`s a co-author of the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series, with more than 22 million books sold worldwide in 62 languages, including Guerrilla Selling, Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, Guerrilla TeleSelling, Guerrilla Negotiating and Guerrilla Retailing. His work has been quoted in INC., The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and dozens of trade journals in a dozen languages. 

He works with companies large and small, including IBM, Marriott, United Airlines, Apple, Microsoft, and many, many others. 

Famous for his deep customization, every program is prepared specifically to fit your business and the challenges faced by your team. Orvel Ray uses a variety of research methods, including pre-seminar interviews with your key people, mystery-shopping your office, and even spying on your competitors. 

"Orvel was great - a big hit! We were especially pleased with his thoroughness with which he researched our industry, our competition, and our product line. He definitely did his homework, and knew our company and the 3DP industry better than some of our employees." - Linda Poirier, Senior Sales Coordinator, Z Corporation. 

He will inspire and motivate any audience, but more importantly, he will arm them with practical ideas that they can use right now to win in today`s hyper-competitive environment.

Your People Will Learn: 

- How to fight back when you`re outnumbered and out-spent by the competition
- How to leverage meager resources for maximum results

- How to deploy two unstoppable secret weapons

- 37 Magic Selling Questions that lead to the sale every time

- The Secret to building trust in a suspicious market

- The #1 reason customers buy from you (Surprise! It`s not price)

- New research reveals 25 Reasons your customers will pay more

- How to pick up business that your competition leaves on the table

- How to answer common objections before they`re raised

- How to increase your profitability through exceptional service

- How to get your competitor`s customers to switch

- And much, much more!


"Our deposits are up more than 12 MILLION dollars in the past 12 months, more than 24 percent growth since we completed your training." -Elsa Montes, V.P. Business Development, Arrowhead Credit Union. 

He was honored as "Speaker of the Year by Meeting Professionals International, San Diego. 

He holds the highest level of certification recognized world-wide by the speaking industry, the Certified Speaking Professional. Fewer than 400 professional speakers worldwide have earned this distinction. 


SELLING UP! How to Sell More at Higher Prices (NEW!)

If you cut your price by 10% you have to DOUBLE your unit sales just too breakeven! What do you say when they ask you to cut your price? What if they really can get it cheaper? This program will show salespeople how to make customer price objections disappear. Drive your competition out of business while selling at HIGHER prices. Includes 25 ways to get your customers to pay more, and much, much more!  

Social Media as a Guerrilla Marketing Weapon (NEW!)

Confused about how to make LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube work to increase your sales? This program demystifies the most popular social networking tools with simple, no cost strategies that you can use right now to attract new business and find new customers.  

7 Guerrilla Strategies to Double Your Business

Convenient, Excitement, and Commitment are among the 10strategies that set guerrillas apart. Develop these characteristics and blow the competition away. Our most popular keynote. 

Guerrilla Selling in Tough Times

Guerrillas rely on two secret weapons: information and surprise. This program will give you both, plus unconventional weapons and tactics to capture new business. Half-day to multi-day custom seminars, adapted to your specific product and industry.  

Guerrilla Marketing

How can a small business combat the corporate superpowers? By fighting back with this guerrilla arsenal of 100 marketing weapons and 50 of them will cost you nothing. Half-day or one-day seminar. Based on the best-selling book. Orvel Ray is a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. 

Guerrilla Negotiating

The quality of your negotiating affects every aspect of your live. We don`t just negotiate with customers and vendors, but with everyone we meet. Just because they`re nice people doesn`t mean they have your best interests at heart. How to create a fair advantage in an unfair world. 

Guerrilla Retailing

This dynamic program gives you everything you need to know to run a successful retail store, from finding the right location, to hiring and training top-notch sales staff, to merchandising, lighting and security, plus hundreds of low-cost marketing tactics to attract customers and drive sales through the roof. Our newest offering. 

Guerrilla TeleSelling

Salespeople have to cover more accounts and more territory than ever before. This program shows you how to create a "telepresence" by using phone, fax, e-mail, Internet, and more. 

Guerrilla Trade Show Selling

More than 80% of the money spent by exhibitors at trade shows is wasted. Learn the most common trade show mistakes, how to plan for success, how to get the most leads, insure that every lead is top quality, and close more sales when you get home. 


"I have experienced Ziglar, Hopkins, Robbins, and others... but for my money, Guerrilla Selling is the ultimate!"-Tim Paulson, Vice President Sales, Hair Club for Men, Kansas City, MO 

"After selling advertising space in newspapers and magazines for over 22 years, I thought I had tried most everything. Your seminar proved that I have much more to learn." -Sheldon J. Spector, The Publication Company, Lakewood, CO 

"I`m very impressed with your rapid comprehension of our industry (and company) culture, nuance, etc. Great grasp of our assets [and] problems." -Dan Smith, Alert Centre, Denver, CO 

"Orvel Ray is refreshing and entertaining, and gets his point across in a humorous way, making it easy to remember. Excellent presentation." -Maria Alvarez, Quality/Risk Mgmt, Medical Center Clinic, Pensacola, FL 

"I can put my new knowledge into effect IMMEDIATELY." -Sharon A. Salvador, Asst to President and VP, Top Flite Express