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Published:May 24th, 2011 22:37 EST

American Idol Finale: Scotty McCreery And Lauren Alaina Put America To Sleep

By Robert Paul Reyes

I had misgivings about the American Idol performance finale; I didn`t expect country teen singers Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina to to rock the house.

laurenBut the finale was worse than I expected, there was no suspense or drama. It had all the excitement of giving your sister a kiss for her birthday.

I was  reminded of when I was in junior high, and a friend raved about this Swedish movie he claimed featured actors who were butt-naked. We sneaked into the theatre, and we were rewarded with  a film that depicted fully-clothed thespians discussing the meaningless of life. Any poor soul who anticipated even a smidgen of excitement from the finale was sorely disappointed.

The judges seemed lackluster and disinterested, even Steven Tyler seemed to be doing an impersonation of Harold Camping. After this fiasco maybe it wouldn`t be such a bad thing if the world ended.

Scotty and Lauren did a more than adequate job of singing, but there was none of the danger of a James Durbin or the sexual fire of a Haley Reinhart.

What should I do tomorrow, clean my bathtub or watch American Idol to find out who won?

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