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Published:May 25th, 2011 10:41 EST

FlyRydaz: The Introductions Begin with Rook!

By Krista Boyer

Okay readers - you asked for them, you got them!  Rook, Woodz, and React are three young men who came together to form a band that is pure entertainment.  Mammoth talent is instilled in the men of FlyRydaz.  When they step on any  stage, the electricity that flows between this amazing band and their audience could light up all of Vegas!   


Frankly, there is no competition for FlyRydaz - no band or group even comes close to the truly mind-blowing music that FlyRydaz produces.  When this writer first introduced readers to these three astounding performers from The Cradle of Liberty, " Boston, Massachusetts, I was unaware of the massive response and excitement that FlyRydaz would generate 


These Hip-Hop/Pop masters - with a serious "electric` vibe - do not only give their fans their talent, but they are also one of the few bands out there nowadays who absolutely and unequivocally love what they do.  With each and every move and lyric, FlyRydaz shows how important their band, their music, and their audiences are to them.


Readers have begged for more about FlyRydaz and, no, I`m not surprised at all.  I, too, have become a huge fan in a very short amount of time.  From their skill to their songs to their performances, FlyRydaz has made a die-hard fan out of me. 


Over the next few weeks we`re going to allow readers and fans into the minds and hearts of each FlyRydaz performer "starting with the incredibly talented, Rook.


As I`ve stated before, Rook is the ultimate rapper.  Not only is he a huge part of FlyRydaz, he also has stunning individual projects, such as his mixtape titled, The Boy Who Could Fly (which is available at the group`s website.)    Beginning as an actor at a very young age, Rook was only five years old when he began working as an actor and a model.  Stardom was already in Rook`s blood when he became a member of the popular PBS show, Zoom! "  Turning to performing and recording full-time, Rook hasn`t stopped his hard work, and he is most definitely climbing that road to fame.


Now, without further ado, we introduce you to "Rook!   


Can you tell fans a little about your background - what it was like growing up in Cambridge, what your interests were, etc.?


It`s definitely a college town (Harvard, MIT, BU, BC, Northeastern), so it was always a youthful and energetic city.  A very close knit town, there were always lots of sports and outdoor activities.


When did your interest in music begin? 


About 7th or 8th grade; I was listening to a lot of Eminem and Jay-Z.  But, since I was a baby, there was always Bob Marley and The Beatles playing in my house, so I learned to appreciate good music at a very early age.


Is there any specific performer that you consider a genius in the music world?


Bob Marley or Bob Dylan


What`s the best part of the performance for you?  Such as, are the fans of FlyRydaz the ultimate fans?  Do they support you a great deal?


The best part of performing is getting to personally deliver our lyrics face to face with fans; there`s nothing more intimate.  Our fans love to party, jump, and have a good time at shows - they are very energetic and fun loving people.


As far as the creation of lyrics go, how does that process begin for your specific band?  Do you "jam` together to come up with your songs and creations?


We all bring different aspects to the group.  We work our individual angles and then combine them to make everything work.


What else besides music have you been a part of during your lifetime?  Are there other career fields out there you were ever interested in pursuing?


Since the age of five, I`ve been very into acting and modeling, so I would say those two things hold my interest, as well.


Everyone wants to know, from each one of you, why did you pick the name FlyRydaz?  Is there a special meaning to this, or did the name come from a specific place?


It kind of just came to us.  The name brings a sort of "energy` with it; when you hear it, or when it`s announced, you know we`re not going to be a calm group.  Similar to the once popular Ruff Ryders, " the energy is actually attached to the name.


What and where was your first performance?


Our first official performance was last summer at the historic Western Front " in our hometown of Cambridge.  It was a high intensity Rage " where, afterwards, we were approached by the manager of our good friend Sam Adams, who asked us to perform at the House of Blues with them.


How do you feel personally about the Hip Hop/Rap world?  Do you see this as a genre that needs to be updated or changed?


I see hip hop evolving.  The genre is shedding its gangsta " shell and growing a more open one.  There are a lot of college rappers now, when before no rappers even went to college.  There are a lot more sounds like electronic, dub step, and house being mixed into the hip hop beats, as well.


What would be the coolest place you`d like to perform?  Are there any specific dreams for FlyRydaz?


Boston TD Garden or Madison Square Garden.  "Or the White House!


Can you tell us about any albums or appearances that you`re working on, or that are coming up?


Our second mixtape, MASSive Music " will be dropping early this summer.  We also have a show with platinum selling recording artist, Mya coming up, for the Tacoma, Washington Our Forgotten Hero`s " in July.  And we plan to release our first official album this fall with tons of shows in-between releases.


I always ask this of performers because I, and the fans, are curious.  What do you think of platforms such as, American Idol, for "launching` a career?


I think it`s great.  Any avenue that allows an artist to get a chance to be heard is wonderful.  I support and watch it, as well.



Now we end with the "short` questions that fans love to hear the answers to. 


Other than your own profession what profession would you like to try?


Business owner


What profession would you never like to try?


McDonald`s " clerk


What is your favorite word?



What is your least favorite word?




And, finally, when you arrive at the Pearly Gates what would you like God to say?


You did good kid "you did good "


He already has!  You don`t have to be psychic to call the future for this trio.  One:  Rook will never have to worry about being a McDonald`s " clerk.  And, Two:   FlyRydaz is headed straight for superstardom.


Stay tuned readers, because in the coming weeks you will also meet the other two members of this amazing triangle of power "React and Woodz!





On June 14th , 2011


Will Be Performing at Our Forgotten Warriors Fundraiser "

(To be held in Tacoma, Washington)

Check out:


On Tap for the show is Platinum Recording Artist, Mya!

With Host, Traci Bingham 



For More Information about FlyRydaz, check out: