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Published:May 26th, 2011 11:25 EST

Adorable Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Animal authorities in California said an officer crawled into a storm drain to rescue a kitten stranded 12 feet below the street.

Riverside County Animal Services said Officer Amy Farrell crawled into the Winchester storm drain on Olea Road Tuesday and was able to reach the kitten, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday."



When we hear of police who free a burglar who gets trapped in a air conditioning duct, most of us are furious at the waste of government funds.

If I were the head dude in charge, I would let a burglar who is trapped in a vent or a window die as an object lesson to wannabe thieves.

But when we read a story about a kitten who is rescued from a storm drain, financial considerations don`t even come to mind.

Kudos to Amy Farrell who crawled into the damp and dirty storm drain to rescue the little kitty.

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