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Published:May 26th, 2011 09:32 EST
Storms and Candle Magic

Storms and Candle Magic

By Ed Roberts




There are always storms

Lightening flashes

Thunder crashes

The winds roar

They attacks us at our very core


Of course

The rain comes


The rain falls all around us

Blinds us

Soaks us until nothing is left dry

It batters all that we hold precious

Seemingly relentless to bring about

Utter destruction



Yes, there are always storms

They wash things away

Often things we would rather hold on to

But as it is meant to be

In the end

The choice is not ours to make


In all of their power

All of their destruction

One thing is certain

All storms end


They leave

Often as quickly as they appear

They move on


They leave us

Sometimes broken

Sometimes shattered

Sometimes damaged beyond repair


We often are left

Standing amongst the rubble



And facing many tough decisions


We can simply move on

Abandon what was once precious

Pack up what has been spared

And try to find new shelter

Often not having any idea where that might be


Or we can stop

Gather our belongings

Dispose of what can`t be repaired

Fix what we are able

And rebuild on familiar ground


In either case

In the middle of the night

We are faced with but one certainty



There will always be



Ed Roberts



Sometimes the greatest storms that we face have nothing to do with the weather



I leave you with a special poem


Candle Magic



I light a single candle

Upon its smoke

I send words


I am here

You are not alone

In the darkness

There is someone who cares

For you


I close my eyes

And wait

A voice whispers back from the flame

Directly to my heart


I am here

You are not alone

In the darkness

There is someone who cares

For you


My soul is once again



Ed Roberts