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Published:May 28th, 2011 13:24 EST

Aussie Hero: 89-Year-Old Lady Beats Off Mugger With Her Purse

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An 89-year-old Australian woman who used a handbag to beat off a knife-carrying would-be robber said Friday she would do it all again, adding she would have `killed him if I could`.

The woman, known only by the pseudonym Jean, was chatting with two friends in an underground car park in Melbourne on Thursday after buying a bottle of wine to enjoy after a day`s shopping when a `grubby` man approached.


When he allegedly held a knife to the throat of Jean`s 82-year-old lifelong friend and demanded her handbag, Jean acted without hesitation."


This elderly woman put her life at risk, not to save her own hide, but that of her friend. How many of us would have acted as quickly to save a friend?

Jean leapt to her friends defense armed not with a tire iron or a baseball bat, but with the only thing she had handy, her handbag.

The cowardly mugger fled after a man came to the aid of the elderly women.

Jean is my kind of woman, she didn`t make excuses for the mugger. I`ve heard some bleeding heart creeps in the States make excuses for muggers, claiming that hard economic times drive them to a life of crime. Jean, bless her heart, exclaimed that she would have killed the loser if she had the chance. I laughed out loud when I read in the AFP article that she tried to kick him in the groin, but her leg wouldn`t extend that far.

I usually wear steel-toe boots, and if a mugger tried to rob me I would kick him in the nuts and in the head a couple of times for good measure. If I ended up killing him in self-defense, I would`nt shed a tear.

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