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Published:May 29th, 2011 11:07 EST

After Months Of Appearing Sober Amy Winehouse Back In Rehab!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Troubled Grammy Award singer Amy Winehouse is back in rehab at Priory Clinic in the U.K seeking treatment for alcoholism.

This time her Daddy doesn`t think she`s fine, so Amy Winehouse had to go, go, go. Mitch Winehouse, the father of the troubled British singer, has advised his daughter to enter rehab because he felt that she was drinking too much again"


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In recent months the news on the Amy Winehouse front had been very promising and encouraging. The troubled singer had taken up cooking, gardening, and she kept her house spotless. Amy frequently expressed a desire of starting a family with her boyfriend, Reg Traviss.

I thought that Amy had finally conquered her demons, and turned over a new leaf. I even felt compelled to compare Amy to Carol Brady, the wholesome mom from the "Brady Bunch."

Cynicism flows throw my veins, it`s was sustains me. Won`t get fooled again, welcome to the new Amy, same as the old Amy. Lindsay Lohan`s fingers will always be sticky, Britney Spears will always be a couple of ticks away from a breakdown, Paris Hilton will always forget to wear her undergarments, JLo`s rear end will always be big enough to seat a table of five, Sarah Palin will always have a confused expression on her face, Snooki will always swear like a sailor, Kim Kardashian will always thrust her fat bum to the cameras, Oprah Winfrey will always hit the buffet line three or four times, Lady Gaga will always rip off Madonna, Lil` Kim will always keep it real on a street level, Courtney Love will always have an itchy nose, and Amy Winehouse will always drink like a fish and smoke herb like a chimney.

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