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Published:May 29th, 2011 11:01 EST
America's Wolves Face a Double-Barreled Threat

America's Wolves Face a Double-Barreled Threat

By SOP newswire2

America`s wolves are facing a double-barreled threat.

Spurred on by anti-wolf extremists, Idaho officials recently called in Wildlife Services -- federal wildlife killers -- to target wolves in the central part of the state. And a new bill in Congress could doom wolves struggling to survive in the Southwest.

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Shot One: On May 11th -- as wolves were denning with newborn pups -- federal aerial gunners shot and killed five wolves from a helicopter in Central Idaho. It`s a part of Idaho`s plan to use Wildlife Services -- and federal tax dollars -- to artificially boost game populations for hunters at the expense of wild wolves.

Shot Two: That very same week, a new bill was introduced in Congress by Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) that would remove federal protections from all wolves in the lower 48 states. It`s a bill backed by anti-wolf extremists Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife -- and could once again eliminate from the wild the 50 Mexican wolves struggling to survive in Arizona and New Mexico.

Our wolves deserve better -- they deserve a chance at survival. 

For more than 35 years, Defenders has been a leader in the fight to restore wolves to their rightful place in the American landscape -- and we`re not about to give up the fight.

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  • Fight extreme, anti-wolf rhetoric with solid scientific principles, public education and the voices of local people who want wolves as part our living, natural heritage; and
  • Promote other vital efforts to save wolves and other wildlife struggling to survive.

Please support our work to save America`s wolves and ensure a lasting future for these amazing animals.

Nearly 16 years ago, Defenders of Wildlife led the restoration of wolves to the West. We can`t let an extremist, anti-wolf agenda turn back the clock on this amazing accomplishment -- or prevent the successful recovery of wolves and other wildlife in their historic range.

Suzanne Asha Stone
Northern Rockies Representative
Defenders of Wildlife