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Published:May 29th, 2011 12:52 EST
China's Role and Interest In Kashmir

China's Role and Interest In Kashmir

By SOP newswire2

China`s role and interest In Kashmir must not be dispelled byte stakeholders of Kashmir Issue. This was stated by Mr. Murtaza Shibli, Secretary-general of World Kashmir Diaspora Alliance (WKDA) in his speech delivered in Kashmir International conference here in MuzaffarAbad.

Speaking on the subject of Emerging new perspectives in Kashmir " Murtaza Shibli emphasized that for any settlement of Kashmir issue through dialogue, China has unique capability of becoming the guarantor of lasting peace given its Geo political and Geo economical proximity with the troubled disputed land of Kashmir coupled with its growing military might in the region.

We must not become oblivious of the fact that a part of Kashmir is under the control of China which, as such gives it a position of default in any final solution of Kashmir. Shibli said that China is subtly giving the indications and positioning itself with the presence of its boots in Gilgat and its incursions in Ladakh. Its measured decision to grant staple visa`s to Kashmir`s holding Indian Passport are signs of its interests and stakes in the region of Kashmir, which cannot be disregarded as meaningless overtures.

WKDA Secretary General lambasted the lack of political will and courage within the Western power Centers, especially the United States and European Union to resolve the conflicts in Asia and Middle East. The international community and United Nation has failed to address the conflicts that have potentially dangerous consequences within the regions of Middle East and South Asia.

Mr. Shibli in his address suggested that a quad lateral dialogue between India, Pakistan China and Kashmir is the only way forward in the emerging geo political and geo economical arena of 21st Century which will be dominated by China particularly in Asia.

Policy statement of July 4th 2008 in which he had reiterated his organization`s commitment to keep politics and sport separate.

WKDA said that it will bring this unacceptable behaviour of ICC to the notice of all cricketing nations Heads of states and to their respective Cricket Associations, so that India is not allowed to use sport as a means to propagate its malicious political ends.

The spokesperson said that definition of sports which stress that sports should be completely free from political interference, fair play, strict adherence to the internationally binding principles is an important ingredient that must always be safeguarded.