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Published:May 29th, 2011 19:49 EST
Did Modern Humans Come from the Star Sirius B?

Did Modern Humans Come from the Star Sirius B?

By Ron G Anselm

It`s great how the realms of Science extend to any subject and any idea when it comes to basically anything that has to do with us and our world. Whether it is modern science, a formed hypothesis, or just a rumor or hear say, science covers it like it was a blanket of fresh fallen snow on a New England`s December night.

Over the past few months, I have found out about a lot of interesting things and stories I never heard of or would have ever thought about or imagined.

One very interesting story I ran into recently is about us, or where did we as modern humans come from? Well, I have my own beliefs when it comes to where we came from and I know millions of others may have their own opinions about this topic.

It is always fun to go out on a limb and read about other ideas of where we may have evolved from. One such story or should I say a couple of stories I read about deals with some interesting ideas of where we may have originally evolved from.

One such idea that is out there is that we may have come from what is known as the Star Sirius B. Let`s start from the beginning and lead up to why this is one idea in about a trillion. First off, you have to know what the Star Sirius B is.

Sirius basically refers to the brightest star in the night sky. "With a visual apparent magnitude of 1.46, it is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. The name "Sirius" is derived from the Ancient Greek Σείριος Seirios ("glowing" or "scorcher"). The star has the Bayer designation AlphaCanis Majoris (α CMa). What the naked eye perceives as a single star is actually a binary star system, consisting of a white main sequence star of spectral type A1V, termed Sirius A, and a faint white dwarf companion of spectral type DA2, termed Sirius B." (Wikipedia, 2011)

So, Sirius B is a large star. How the connection of the idea of did we as humans come from the large and brightest star in the sky Sirius B extends to a tribe of people out of Mali in West Africa known as the Dogan Tribe. The Dogan tribe is said to be of an Egyptian decent and have a huge and great knowledge of astronomy and everything about it which dates back thousands and thousands of years.

Actually this tribe of people dates back to around 3200 B.C. The traditions of the Dogan focuses heavily on the Sirius star systems. One of their traditions is that there is a star that is basically invisible to the human eye. It is a very heavy star that has a rotational orbit around the part of the Sirius system that is visible and takes about fifty-years to complete the entire orbit.

Scientists of modern times to not state much about the Sirius star system or the Sirius B star in general because there is really not much known about it that is by your everyday and average astronomer. But there is a great deal known in detail about it by the Dogan tribe.

The interesting fact about this and I do say fact because it is supposedly true, back in the 1930s; two anthropologist by the names of Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen who recorded the massive information given to them by four Dogan priests.

The big question is, how did a tribe of people from West Africa who had basically no technology and no astronomical devices such as a telescope have so much and no so much information about the invisible star named Sirius B? The star was not photographed until 1970 when larger and more advanced telescopes made their way into many science labs and observatories.

Some of the traditional stories told by the Dogan people focus on another race of people that supposedly came from the Sirius star system that were known as the Nommos. The Nommos were supposed to be very ugly people according to the Dogan legends that visited earth thousands of years ago. Some of the characteristics of the Nommo people that were told by the Dogans is that these species of people were amphibious and they resemble mermaids and mermen. Almost sounds like something you would see on the television series Star Trek.

Another interesting fact about this tradition by the Dogans about the Nommos is that the Dogans were not the only tribe of people to have told this. Supposedly the same type of people appeared in Babylonia, Accadian, and Sumerian myths and folklore`s. Also the goddess Isis who we know if you ever read any stories of mythical gods and goddesses is also a mermaid and is linked to the Sirius Star system in those myths.

The other folklore`s and myths told by the Dogan people about the Nommos is that the Nommos lived on a nearby planet that orbits around the Sirius B star within the Sirius star system. The Nommos supposedly landed on earth in an ark that made a spinning decent when it landed and landed with a lot of wind and noise. The Dogans state that it was the Nommos that gave the Dogan tribe the knowledge about the Sirius B star and Sirius Star system.

Supposedly the Nommos also knew about our solar system and some of the planets with in it and furnished the Dogans information about the four moons of Jupiter and the rings around Saturn. These were facts discovered by us only after the rings were first discovered by Galileo in 1610.

More tidbits of information about this come from the book that was written by Robert K.G. Temple titled, The Sirius Mystery. The book was published in 1977. A couple of science buffs by the name of Ian Ridpath who was a science writer and Carl Sagan who was an astronomer; both stated comments about Temple`s book, stating that this modern knowledge about Sirius must have come from Westerners who discussed astronomy with the Dogon priests. The priests then included this new information into the older traditions. This, in turn, misleads the anthropologists. (The Museum of Unnatural Mystery, 1998)


Another tradition states that the possibility of the existence of Sirius B dates back to around 1844 and supposedly Sirius B was seen through a telescope in 1864 but this does not blend into the new traditions and information given by the Dogan Priests to the French Anthropologists in the 1930s and does not explain the Dogans rituals and traditions held by the Dogans that are still held today and that date back to the thirteenth century depicting the Sirius B Star and Sirius star system. It also does not explain a four-hundred year old Dogan artifact that again depicts the Sirius B Star. The Dogan tribe also knew about many characteristics of the Sirius B star like the density of it. So, how did the Hogan tribe know about the super-density of the Sirius B star, a fact that was not discovered until the 1930`s when the French Anthropologists again had the conversations with the Dogan priests.


If you want to have a look at the Sirius star system it is mainly visible in the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are into science or into astronomy then you will know about the Orion Constellation. If you are not, then look for the three stars in a row in the Northern Hemisphere. That will be the Orion Constellation. Continue to look and follow an imaginary line through the Orion Constellation to just above the last star in the constellation. The next star up will be the Sirius star which will also appear bluish in color.


If you look at this whole legend of information about the Nommos and Sirius B and did we really come from the Sirius B star? You could look at it as this just once again be made up information, could be a complete myth, could be this be a coincidence to something else?


Another piece of information if you do look at the Sirius star system this winter is according to more legendary information, there is supposedly a third star within the Sirius Star system by the name of Sirius C. Sirius C is supposed to be where the Nommos came from and lived although science has said that Sirius C could not support any life forms. The Sirius C star will be another star that will appear in the Sirius star system


So, the connection between did we really come from the star Sirius B and the Sirius star system? Because the Dogan tribe knows so much information about the Sirius B star and system and did not at any time in their history have any technology to support that they were able to study Sirius B by telescope and the stories about the Nommos really makes you wonder if we did or did not.

All of this to me would make a great Sunday Night movie on ABC with a little more imagination added to it. But who really knows, with any myth there is bogus information, tweaked information, made-up information and true information. Use your imagination from this article to what you may believe to be true and what you may believe to be false and then put your own spin on it.




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