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Published:May 29th, 2011 21:16 EST
Nancy Graceless and Cindy Anthony's Anger

Nancy Graceless and Cindy Anthony's Anger

By SOP newswire2

Comment on The Problem With HLN`s Coverage of the Casey Anthony Case!

I don`t believe it`s been incorporated into the trial, but early-on there was a report that Casey had somehow managed to steal money from an account meant for her grandfather`s nursing-home care.  This, like the theft from Amy Huizenga, was repeated by several sources.  You can probably verify this story - or at least the fact that it was published.  It would certainly account for Cindy`s rage. 

Even better than HSN is the Sentinel`s live Internet link to the trial itself, which I belatedly discovered.  An arthritic old retiree, I timed my hobbles around the house last week during their various recesses.  Happily, one can also continue to stream the audio while tabbing to other sites to conduct a bit of business.  And I`m on the West coast, so there`s time left for other matters.   

(If I had to rely on the Nancy the Graceless and her sycophants, I`d be in a continuing simmering rage myself.)


M. Kennerly


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