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Published:May 30th, 2011 11:47 EST

Lady Gaga Amazon 'Born This Way' Album Scandal! Worse Than Payola?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Phoenix Latino recording artists are not only furious with Lady Gaga for inflating her album sales by selling it for 99 cents (along with giving buyers 20 GB of free cloud storage), but are also angry with Billboard magazine for participating in what many feel is the biggest music industry scam since the days of Milli Vanilli."


Miguel Perez/Examiner.Com

The recording industry is in serious trouble, in large part, because of the inflated prices of CD`s. I used to buy about 20 to 30 CD`s every year, but now I rarely buy one. It`s only when a gifted artist like Adele comes along that I feel motivated to purchase a record.

I applaud artists who make some of their music available on their Web sites free or at a nominal fee. At first glance it would seem that Lady Gaga and Amazon are doing the music-buying public a favor by making the controversial diva`s new album available online for only 99 cents.

If the albums that Lady Gaga sold at a giveaway price weren`t including in the totals that Billboard uses to calculate the top selling CD`s, I wouldn`t have any problem with Gaga`s latest promotion. In fact, I would applaud her for making her product available to the masses at such an inexpensive price.

It`s an outrage that the clownish Gaga supplanted the talented Adele at the top of the albums chart, by resorting to trickery. This is a scandal worse than payola, and the public should respond by boycotting Lady Gaga.

There are many struggling artists who after years of paying their dues finally make the Billboard charts; I can imagine their anger and frustration as they witness Lady Gaga`s stunt.

Shame on Lady Gaga! Shame on Billboard!

Props to Miguel Perez for fighting the good fight.

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