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Published:May 30th, 2011 10:47 EST
Political Situation in Egypt Stands Uncertain

Political Situation in Egypt Stands Uncertain

By SOP newswire2

Prof Bhim Singh, Chairman of NPP and Member of National Integration Council told the media in New Delhi on his return from Egypt that the political situation in Egypt stands uncertain for the reason that there was lack of social security among the youth and unemployment has created an alarming situation in the country.

Tourists and Tourism brings 50% of the income which has been reduced to Zero because of a need for security. Because of European and US officials advising that their citizens do not visit the region. Cotton Fields have remained deserted for a decade and the Suez Canal has gone slow. The Tourism Industry, Hotels has literally collapsed and those working for its promotion have no work or job. The members of the civil society who supported the cause of the Egyptian revolution have gone frustrated because there is no political certainty in the country as the Army is all set to govern the Country for indefinite period. 

Another reason that is the cause of concern that the Army Council headed by Field Marshal, Gen Mohd Antawi is busy consolidating Army rule that promoting the civil side of it. The Army has disbanded all existing political parties with clear rider that no political Party shall be allowed to run the party in the name any religion as Egypt continues to be a non-religious state as was established by 23 July, 1952 Army revolution.

Even the Gama Islamiya (Muslim Brotherhood) stood dissolved. Some senior activists associated with the revolution told me that they did not support the idea of holding election this year. The new parties which are under formation need time to gear up for the election it has to involve the people. 

This is great news for the people of India that Egyptians on the whole continue to uphold their solidarity and affection for India as it existed in the fifties or sixties.  

The spirit for strengthening NAM countries solidarity stands revived and India enjoys confidence of the Egyptians today. 

Prime Minister statement signed with the Ethiopian President from Adisbaba against US and NATO aggression on Libya was highly appreciated in Egyptian Bar and the civil society. 

Egypt is expecting whole hearted support to the cause of Palestine and to help Egypt streamline its electoral infrastructure from the Indian leadership in the near future. 

India may do well in reviewing her exiting policy vis-à-vis the Arab World so that the trust and confidence that was generated during Nehru and Indira Gandhi Era shall be restored. The Arab need friendship revived in India.


By Prof Bhim Singh