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Published:May 30th, 2011 10:10 EST
Theory Behind Why George Anthony Brought the Gas Cans With Him to The Junk Yard

Theory Behind Why George Anthony Brought the Gas Cans With Him to The Junk Yard

By SOP newswire2

Comment on The Problem With HLN`s Coverage of the Casey Anthony Case!

I was just asking my hubby about George taking the gas cans with him to get Casey`s car. We both feel that because George has been through a lot with Casey in the past, stealing gas, running out of gas, so that would be something my hubby said he would do also just incase ".  My hubby is like that too, he always thinks ahead so there are no head-aches later.

Plus, did Cindy or George call the junk yard before they left or did the letter they received say that the car was out of gas. These are things to think about. I don`t believe for one second George had anything to do with Caylee`s death.  If he had, I`ll tell you that the body would have never been found much less laying in the trunk of a car for several days and then put in one place and then moved to another.

Casey did this and I don`t believe George ever touched her. I think it was her brother that did that but I don`t find that to be to odd, I know many girls whose brothers wanted to touch them, yes its gross/wrong but it happens out of curiosity no doubt.

I don`t see anything unusual about George except that the guy has been through hell!! I would have been in a nuthouse already going through what Casey Anthony parents have been through. Can you imagine what it would be like to have the whole world chanting outside your house?

OMG, I`d shoot myself!!


D. Mand


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